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Comment: Re:Jupiter Tape? (Score 1) 621

The storage DOESNT EXIST. It takes only basic knowledge of technology and our technical capabilities to know its physically impossible to do this without it being beyond obvious thanks to the amount of storage needed and the amount of power it would drain. The rooms very well exists, but to do what he is saying they can do requires trillions of dollars and a data center the size of a small STATE.

Comment: Re:Is there a real reason to go? (Score 5, Informative) 162

by falcon5768 (#43550075) Attached to: WWDC Sells Out In 2 Minutes; Ticket On eBay 45 Minutes Later
The hallway time is the reason to go. Some of the sessions and labs get your in person with the leads of most of the teams and its not unheard of for app developers or companies who have issues to vent them there and see software updates in the future reflect those problems. The sessions they post online for everyone, but the hallway time and closed discussions are absolutely worth the cost of 1-2 tickets, not to mention you are not just talking about Apple here, but Google comes and pretty much every major developer is there.

Comment: Re:hmmm (Score 1) 162

by falcon5768 (#43550043) Attached to: WWDC Sells Out In 2 Minutes; Ticket On eBay 45 Minutes Later

You realize most of those attendee's are major companies right? While in the past a lot of "consumers" would manage to get a ticket to this, these days its massively frowned upon and I would venture to say 80-90% of those tickets went to companies looking to send their developers for facetime with the heads of Apples Mac and iOS development teams about issues/concerns/ideas.

The days of jackasses like Violet Blue coming to a developer conference to hob nob when she doesnt know shit about being a developer have long passed when people started to care about app development and iOS.

Comment: Re:Fanboy attack (Score 1, Insightful) 387

by falcon5768 (#43336899) Attached to: Alan Kay Says iPad Betrays Xerox PARC Vision
Actually looking at his gripes, and they are so far and away from legitimate that there is a very valid argument to be made that he's full of shit.

The interesting thing about this question is that it is quite clear from the several early papers that it was an ancillary point for the Dynabook to be able to simulate all existing media in an editable/authorable form in a highly portable networked (including wireless) form. The main point was for it to be able to qualitatively extend the notions of “reading, writing, sharing, publishing, etc. of ideas” literacy to include the “computer reading, writing, sharing, publishing of ideas” that is the computer’s special province.

This has been absolutely done by the iPad and other tablets. People love to make the claim you can not create content on the iPad but its been proven time and again for the most part to be false beyond a few exceptions you can create just fine. People code on them, people write blogs or even books on them, people record and perform music on them etc. They are still a Gen 2 device atm though regardless of the marketing speek (or maybe Gen 3).

Isn’t it crystal clear that this last and most important service is quite lacking in today’s computing for the general public? Apple with the iPad and iPhone goes even further and does not allow children to download an Etoy made by another child somewhere in the world. This could not be farther from the original intentions of the entire ARPA-IPTO/PARC community in the ’60s and ’70s.

Even this is disingenuous because Apple doesn't in any way prevent a people from creating a good app uploading it to the store for free and let people download it for free. It shows a blatent misunderstanding of the app store, and reasons behind it. It also shows a 60/70's naïvety toward how nasty our computing world has become toward attacking other users for personal and political gain.

Comment: Re:Not as strange as it sounds (Score 1) 976

BULLLLL SHIIIIIIT Sorry dude this arguments used time and again and is completely bogus since it 100% always fails to factor in the carbon costs of producing a car/bus while counting the minute detail of producing food. Worse it also fails to factor in that the food will be produces NO MATTER WHAT since we need it to survive while the car doesnt have to be produced and if it wasn't that whole chain of costs is eliminated.

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.