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Comment Re:A week's worth of data? (Score 1) 110 110

From RTFA-ing it's clear that the weeks worth of data only applies when "implanted in something as small as a human eye"

Presumably implanting it in something larger affects the ability to store data, but it's not clear how many library of congresses it will store if implanted into a whale.

Comment A slightly different reason for boycotting (Score 1) 216 216

I know my personal game playing preferences, and after completing Diablo 3 in X I'll want to go in to Single Player mode with a memory editor and mess about for another 10X hours in assembler creating novel cheats and hacks for personal amusement.

Blizzard's behavior with Starcraft II means this will cause my account to be locked, despite never cheating on any multiplayer content.

This means no Diablo III purchase for me.

Comment Re:What would the impacts of this be for cryptogra (Score 1) 457 457

> So, if the paper is true, then it doesn't really change a whole lot, except that
> now we know that some day there isn't going to be a trivial solution.

There could still be trivial solutions to some problems we thought were NP, but there won't automatically be a trivial solution to everything; for cryptographic work you'd still need to make sure whatever you're using was really NP and didn't just look really really difficult.

Comment Re:Oh no he didn't! (Score 1) 96 96

I'm pretty sure the biggest difference between this and mythbusters is mythbusters built a self-contained system, while this one requires an external power source.

What this kid has done is very impressive, but it does require an extension cord plugged into mains power.

Comment Re:It could be any number of things. (Score 5, Informative) 499 499

We had a lot of trouble with wireless disruptions around our office - I eventually bought a Wi-Spy ( for $99 because the productivity loss was getting bad enough to justify the cost of the hardware.

Running a spectrum analyzer, and moving around the office (spending a few minutes in each spot ) was a great way to see what interference was where, and it's great to be able to "see" the 2.4Ghz spectrum instead of just look at what wireless networks exist.

Comment Re:semi related question (Score 2, Informative) 98 98

Grab the source SDK and have him make up a few Portal levels; it's quick and easy to start because you can make a bunch of box-like rooms and ledges. You don't feel bad that your levels are all rectangular to start, because that is how most of the actual portal levels are designed.

And it's really fun to use portals to fling yourself around a 3D world that you created yourself.

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.