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Yes! Where? I want it!

Second that. I currently use Proxomitron to filter out all the unwanted (by me anyway) crap on Google's home page (instant, preview, sidebar, link redirects, etc...) and have to use "" to avoid https (so I can use my filtering proxy).

Yes, I know I can use Startpage and/or DuckDuckGo, but they're not as fast as hitting Google directly. Seriously, for simple searches, 99.9% of the time the JavaScript and crap (et al) on all these search pages (like Google and Bing) is a complete bullshit. Just my $0.02 anyway.

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I (and several others) purchased a blood sugar meter. Basically, we would check our blood sugar levels (BSL) at 1 and 2 hours after eating. We all found that some foods would take us up to 120 (the upper limit for our experiment), but some foods blasted BSL up to 200.

I did this too and noticed the same (though not above 160). I found the following helped reduce those spikes: (a) split one meal into two meals 3-hours apart (b) long walk and/or brief intense spot exercise - which, I've read, helps burn off some of the stored energy in the muscles causing them to pull fresh from the blood stream. Either case, though especially the intense spot exercise, showed about a 30 point reduction in blood sugar.

You might also be interested in this: Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system.

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Simply eat what your body needs... beyond that, exercise. That is why people are getting fat. Not because they're eating too much but because they're not doing anything.

The article / study describes how the change in diet also results in better blood chemistry (lipids, etc...) and potentially less detrimental cardiovascular impact. I recommend watching Sugar: The Bitter Truth with Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics for similar information, though more focused on refined sugar in the diet and how it's metabolized (similarly to alcohol).

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Or bleeding on the officer.

You jest, but... From: Sept 2009 in Ferguson, Mo: Ferguson Police Beat Up Wrong Suspect Then Charged Him For Getting Blood On Uniforms In 2009

...police officers allegedly slammed his head against the wall, hit him and kicking him in the head, .... Davis was eventually taken to the emergency room.

He was charged with property damage, ... with the charging documents stating that Davis "did transfer blood to the uniform."

The local prosecutor later dropped the property damage charges, ... because of conflicting reports from the officers involved.

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What is this Cold War obsession with misrepresenting Marxism in as many ways as possible just to make it seem ridiculous (or evil)?

Okay. Not trolling, just stating a (possibly, to some) undesirable opinion...

The Koch brothers are old and are pandering to the demographic of old people who watch Fox News - who still vote - like (sigh) my mother (don't get me started). I wager that most youngsters forgot about Marxism five minutes after their high-school social studies final exam. The whole Communism / Socialism / Marxism is "evil" is nothing but cold-war propaganda used by people like the Koch brothers, Dick Cheney, etc... to try and scare / control the (older) unwashed masses - who might have actually been adults throughout the cold-war.

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Oh no, they might killswitch a phone thought to be a bomb trigger.

Pretty sure bombers typically don't advertise the phone number of the trigger device. I'm more worried about the case where Siri gains sentience and decides to kill all humans. Then I might be in "“immediate danger of death or great bodily injury" from a cell phone.

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It will still be god awful for anyone with a keyboard/mouse, on a desktop PC, sitting further than 30cm from their screen.

Don't be silly. Every new OS install will come with a WiFi tablet for all your desktop I/O needs via a RDP connection. No more gorilla arm as the tablet will be in your lap and you can sit where ever you like.

We are Microsoft. Unix is irrelevant. Openness is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.