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Comment Re:Lying scum (Score 1) 303

um no, it isn't. The problem is that possession is a crime, regardless of clearance level. There are systems in place for keeping classified documents safe, she violated just about every protocol with her private server.

Speaking from experience, there are procedures for possessing / retaining classified data. If they're followed, there's no problem. Mere possession is not automatically a crime.

Comment Re:Lying scum (Score 1) 303

Bullshit ass-hole. You like Condoleezza Rice should have known terrorists would hijack a plan and crash it into the Trade Towers.....

You mean the terrorists who hatched that plan and were working on it under the Clinton administration? Those terrorists? The ones who were answering to Bin Laden, a person that the Clinton administration let slip through their fingers more than once, even after his group and associates had already killed hundreds of people, including US Navy personnel? Yeah.

Or do you mean the Bin Laden family who have long ties with the Bush family?

Or how the Bush family wealth comes not only from partnering and or owning everything from banks to Halliburton and selling or financing arms to the Bin Laden family as well as Hitler?

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

How War Made the Bush Family Rich

You mean *those* terrorists?

Comment Re:Lying scum (Score 1) 303

There are procedures in place. Obviously, Clinton decided that she was going to do things HER WAY - and in the process broke a metric shit-ton of laws.

Along with the people that allowed it to happen. Email doesn't get forwarded on its own. *If* she broke any rules, someone let and helped her do it and they should be as, if not more, accountable. Part of an administrator's job is to say "no" to things that are wrong. Sure you might get fired, but I know that I would stand by that decision and consequence.

Comment Re: Lying scum (Score 0) 303

I don't know about you, but noone has come around to fondle my testicles yet.

So either you are lying, or someone needs to hire more fondlers.

You must one of the 47% Mitt Romney was talking about. Moochers who believe they're entitled to have their testicles fondled. Get a job hippy and pay to get them fondled like the 53% to whom Romney was speaking.

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money. -- Kim Hubbard