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Comment Very good channel on the topic (Score 5, Interesting) 243

There's really no reason for Apple not to give more information on their hardware, other than forcing you to forgo a $50 repair in lieu of a $700 motherboard from Apple. So many of this guy's fixes are very simple. Just fixing some contacts with a few pennies' worth of solder.

But because Apple doesn't want anyone to track down these little issues, the whole thing gets shipped to some country with no environmental and labor laws, where noxious gases are released into the environment. This is how Apple became so wealthy, I guess. Good for them.

Comment Re:They protest too much... (Score 5, Insightful) 243

By self serving I presume you mean looking to make a living. This selfishness will benefit the world by keeping hardware from being smelted in Africa by 7 year old kids on open fires fueled by old CRT casings.

I'm fine with a craftsman eking out a living fixing things that are broken that the manufacturer has no interest in repairing.

Similar legislature was enacted in the auto repair industry. Would you prefer to be forced to go to the dealer for any sort of repair? Or would you prefer to save yourself a good amount of money.

Comment Re: You Are Always the Product (Score 1) 125

OK, you may not need NefFlix, but there will be some service on the internet that you will use, undoubtedly. Even if you use different accounts for each one, at some point, you will log in to at least two from the same device, and bam, they combined disparate pieces to learn more about you.

Worse if one of those accounts is paid, where you have payment info saved that would include your real name and address. The cat is out of the bag, I think, and it's near impossible to escape this sort of big data harvesting.

Comment Re:STRIKE! (Score 1) 77

Not always. Auto race tracks that have been operating for decades are told to enforce sound limits or shut down completely because some new development opened 5 years ago nearby.

But on the flip side, no one wants airplane noise, but everyone wants to benefit from being within 30 minutes of an international airport and getting their package from the other end of the country in 2 days. That doesn't happen by truck or train. So, lots of hypicrisy and NIMBY thinking, and an industry standing up to some of these complaints is akin to a parent telling a child that something is good for them, even if it doesn't seem to be.

Comment Re: You Are Always the Product (Score 1) 125

Would it? What would happen the first time you logged into your reddit account. They could connect you with existing data, or data bought from some other data bank. Log into your brothers Netflix account, etc etc, it would either connect you with your real identity or create enough of a signature to serve you related ads anyway, accomplishing their goal either way.

Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

Yup, plenty of such places with very cheap prices for homes. I ride my motorcycle past them all the time. And there's a reason those homes are cheap. There's nothing happening in those towns, both economically and socially. There's a reason people want to live in NYC, and that demand is what drives prices up, and what pushes people further out to where they're stuck on an underground train for 45 minutes on average every morning and afternoon.

Comment Locality (Score 1) 242

Would be curious to see a map breakdown of the respondants. Young people in urban areas? Or course they'll be less likely to get a car, irrespective of their views on smart phones. Driver's license passing rates for young urbanites have been falling for years now, anyway. So I'm not sure what this study was supposed to uncover, even ignoring the fact that phones and cars are completely different tools.

Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

Enslaving me? And here I thought my motorcycle and car brought me nothing but ecstasy when I'd go away from the big city and feel free upstate, in nature, stop whenever I felt like, went as fast as I felt comfortable going. To me, being stuck on someone else's schedule, twiddling my fingers and looking at the face across from me that's the real shackle.

Comment Re:Do your due dilligence... (Score 1) 217

It's valid reasoning, though. Spammers go through IP blocks routinely. And MS isn't saying they block mail. They likely mean that they defer it, or give it a higher spam score. If you continue sending to them, eventually a reputatiuon will be built up, and if it's positive, the mail will go through.

Comment Great, more bad drivers on the road (Score 1) 242

"If you are in the right lane of a highway and cars are merging at slower speeds, most drivers want to move over a lane and go around them. But the Tesla does not know that. It will instead automatically slow to match the slower speeds of the merging cars."

So how many people will just sit in the right lane coming up on a merge, slow down, causing all the other cars behind, autonomous or otherwise, to slow down too, not knowing why, and you have either a crash (from unexpected slowdowns or abrupt lane changes) or a bottleneck.

This might not drive you from point A to point B, but it will further erode people's awareness and driving abilities.

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