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Comment: Re:Maybe i dont get the point (Score 1) 216

by fadilnet (#20818009) Attached to: Torvalds On Pluggable Security Models
If that is so, should there be @ least 1 scheduler provided as default? I mean, who wants to end up with an uncompiled kernel? In no time, we'll end up with different versions of kernels, forks of plugins, and we'll end up in a pit of compatibility issues. A default one can be used as part of the failsafe.

+ - LA Airport Uses Random Numbers To Catch Terrorists

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is using randomization software to determine the location and timing of security checkpoints and patrols. The theory is that random security will make it impossible for terrorists to predict the actions of security forces. The ARMOR software, written by computer scientists at the University of Southern California, was initially developed to solve a problem in game theory. Doctoral student Praveen Paruchuri wrote algorithms on how an agent should react to an opponent who has perfect information about the agent's choices."

+ - String Validation Routines in .NET Exposed->

Submitted by ubiquitin
ubiquitin (28396) writes "Web application security researcher Arian Evans has posted previously unrelease details of Microsoft's .NET 1.1 string validation routines. This includes anti cross site scripting request validation routines as well as a more generic ValidateString method. Such disclosure is expedient for all appsec researchers wishing to find holes in .NET applications."
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+ - Novel method for universal email authentication->

Submitted by
MKaplan writes "Most spam is sent using spoofed domains. Email authentication schemes such as SPF attempt to foil spoofing by having domain administrators publish a list of their approved outgoing mail servers. SPF is sharply limited by incomplete domain participation and failure to authenticate forwarded email. A paper describes a novel method to rapidly generate a near-perfect global SPF database independent of the participation of domain administrators. A single email from an unauthenticated domain is bounced and then resent — this previously unauthenticated domain and the server listed in the return path of the resent bounce are entered into a globally accessible database. All future emails sent from this domain via this server will be authenticated after checking this new database. Mechanisms to authenticate forwarded email and to nullify subversion of this anti-spam system are also described."
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+ - GomadicGoodies: Bring Your iPhone, iPod Underwater->

Submitted by
Rod Schecter
Rod Schecter writes "Dear Nomadic Warriors, With summer in full bloom and your hours of outdoors time ahead of you, we thought it appropriate to inform you about our all-new, all-terrain vehicle, meant to provide hours of summertime joy. Gomadic's new, airtight Waterproof bag is ready for summer so you can feel free to bathe yourself in hours of harmonious Beach Boys delight. Now you can take your tunes underwater with Gomadic innovation for less than half the price of what's currently on the market. Made to fit almost any MP3 player and only 19.95, the waterproof bag gives you all the versatility you've been craving on your summer vacation, with none of the costs and hassles of bringing your MP3 players near the pool or ocean. In fact, the waterproof bag can also work with your cell phones and PDAs offering a universal fit for the wide gamut of products on the market. Whether you swim in I-River sonics or delight in being part of today's iPod nation, the waterproof bag keeps you going on land and sea. For more details please take a look at our blog and let us know what you think — honestly — we want to know! http://blog.gomadic.com/ As supporters of our products over the years we'd like to invite you to take a look, ask questions, and participate in the ongoing dialogue that is Gomadic — the only company that directly responds to what you really need NOT what the corporate behemoths try to make you want. Please respond to this email with your ship-to address we'll be sure to ship to you this or any products you might like to review. Good things and vibrations, The Gomadic Team"
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+ - Aldebaran Robotics & Robocup : RonaldiNao !->

Submitted by
Bastien Parent
Bastien Parent writes "Hi, Here we are, they left... Who? What one could call the Aldebaran Robotics "delegation", constituted with 9... humanoids: 7 Homo sapiens and 2 Roboticus Compadre. The last fifteen days were very busy but very productive: we have assembled and just tested a very new version of our robot which, hardly on feet, joined the team bound for Atlanta (How lucky they are! ^^), where the Robocup 2007 is taking place, early July. In front of the organizing committee of this competition, Nao and its little brother will show their soccer player talent "made in France" (no, they won't headbutt!), with a view of trying to replace the Sony robot dog, Aibo, as the official platform of the "standard" league. Aller les bleus! Within this competition, new movie clips on the Robocup theme are on line: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/eng/pageVideoRC0 1.php A Second Nao: The small new one adopts a new head design, with sensitive sensors on the top, featuring eyes, pretty red hulls and dozen of other improvements... you will be able to learn more in the next weeks so, stay tuned!""
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+ - Students Design and Build Hybrid-Electric SUVs->

Submitted by
aegisalpha writes "Students from 17 colleges have built and tested hybrid-electric SUVs as part of the government and GM sponsored Challenge X competition. And they will be touring the country with the vehicles next year to test the consumer acceptability of the vehicles. This could be good news for those beginning to feel the oil crunch, to quote the article: "...every team member has a future in auto engineering. And for a North American auto industry under siege, that makes Challenge X a bright beacon of hope for the future.""
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