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Comment: reddit / google analytics (Score 1) 136

I'm pretty sure reddit probably through google analytics may have started doing this around eighteen months ago. I tested trolling them with sock puppets and they could identify my house through tor but could not differentiate between individual computers in the house. So pretty much anybody that uses google analytics probably has this capability.

Comment: Re:Today's "Natives" eliminated the Clovis culture (Score 1, Troll) 57

by fadethepolice (#47796949) Attached to: DNA Reveals History of Vanished "Paleo-Eskimos"
Since 90 percent of native americans were wiped out by european diseases this basically says that 80 percent of the original population of the americas was not resistant to euroasiatic diseases. There is a marked non-scientific warpath to discredit the solutrean hypothesis. The extremes to which modern historians go to discredit the solutrean hypothesis actually reduce the entire discipline to a pseudoscience. Please realize that there was most likely a constant low level genetic drift between the continents for the past 40 thousand years. I am fairly confident that the bronze age atlantic civilization was in sporadic contact with the new world. The massive push for colonization of the new world / pursuit of new paths of commerce to asia brought about by the fall of constantinople and monopolization of the east west trade coupled with the resurgence of written history in europe in no way sheds doubt on the ability of ancient mariners to traverse the globe.

Comment: Quantum Fluctuation (Score 3, Insightful) 612

Since the equations only express the properties of the universe, what exaclty did the quantum fluctuation occur in? This seems to be more of a confirmation of M-theory than that the universe came from nothing. What is the formula for the state directly before the fluctuation ocurred? It seems that state would be necessary to calculate what the fluctuation occurred IN. That would, to me, be more of a discovery.

Comment: Fuck 'Em we can wait it out (Score 3, Insightful) 323

they are not selling food. the product is inherently of no value. I say make them sing for their supper. In the end all they are are fools for our entertainment. the idea that they dictate the terms of the price of a non essential good is in the long run just silly

Comment: Pointless (Score 1) 856

by fadethepolice (#43702077) Attached to: California Lawmaker Wants 3-D Printers To Be Regulated I couldn't find the link now, but don't all commercial printers print a tracking code on every print made in order to prevent and track counterfeit money? This is already done on regular printers so there is a very high likelihood this could get passed.

Comment: Re: Yawn (Score 1) 367

by fadethepolice (#43640323) Attached to: Observed Atmospheric CO2 Hits 400 Parts Per Million
Using a word like deniers to label people whose opinion you oppose is morally offensive. Climate changes this rapidly fairly commonly. If you review the vostok data the Holocene is already much longer than any recent interglacials, from that data we can infer that a glaciation lasting approx. 10000 years is about to descend and ruin human civilization. I'm not saying greenhouse gases are not causing global warming. What I'm saying is that is a hell of a lot better then dealing with another ice age. . The theory for long term global warming seems to be based on this: Hitting a window of 30000 years width 400000 years ago while simultaneously predicting the Milankovitch cycles at the time is a lot to bet the fate of humanity on. Picking MIS-11 out of the last five interglacials seems to me like cherry picking your data to support a populare opinion. Further, the guy who wrote the book picking MIS-11 wrote a book claiming the exact opposite in the seventies. New data on MIS-11 refutes it's pleasantly warm reputation. IF you look at all the scientific evidence other than the geologically insignificant data for the last 130 years it is abundantly obvious that a long-term ice age is much more likely than long-term global warming.

Comment: Re:Is it? (Score 1) 388

Well then, perhaps your expertise is exactly what the bitcoin community is looking for. MTGOX should not be the only exchange. You do seem to know what your are talking about. Most analysts I have heard on television do not stress this point. There is no doubt that real market factors contributed to the collapse of the US housing market, but some people were able to handily take advantage of the collapse. (As happens with most things). As a person who participated in both the dotcom and housing booms of the last 15 years or so, I can say that I was aware of the housing problem before it collapsed and was deftly able to shift gears to the Marcellus explosion that recently occurred, and now seems to be starting to taper off. If I knew as a corporate lemming what was occurring it seems rather far-fetched that the majority of analysts were unaware.

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