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Comment Just a matter of time (Score 2) 364

Joseph Silk has no room to talk on this issue. We just spent 700 million dollars to find the gravity waves that would exist if his model of cosmic inflation actually happened. (planck mission) The evidence for gravity waves was proven not to exist. His theory has actually been proven wrong. Has he changed his theory? I doubt it. Instead he is walking around complaining about mathematicians exploring complex theories that will be testable at some time in the future. What a maroon.

Comment FTFY (Score 1) 53

From my memory: 486 sx 33 mhz 486 dx 66 mhz (prime doom machine) 486 dx2 - 80 mhz, There may have been a few overclocked to a whopping 100 MHz I have a vague recollection of the dx2 having some processor cache memory management advantages as well but not sure

Comment Re:Training set... (Score 5, Insightful) 62

Although I agree that the extra 100-200 years has been over emphasized I disagree with your general premise. These type of astronomical occurrences are easily predicted (past / future) by ancient mathematicians and were easily predictable at the time by civilizations worldwide from mesoamerica to china for the probable dates presented for the creation for the mechanism. The knowledge of astronomy, planetary and motion were pretty much common knowledge at 200 bc. This makes the 'revelations' of galileo rather comical in retrospect. What is remarkable about this mechanism is the degree of precision of its mechanical design which was unsurpassed at the time (as far as we know). The complexity of this device to accurately predict astronomical phenomena for centuries, mechanically, at the date of its creation belittles the acheivements of the renaissance and calls into question the belief that rome contributed significantly to mediterranean civilization.

Comment reddit / google analytics (Score 1) 136

I'm pretty sure reddit probably through google analytics may have started doing this around eighteen months ago. I tested trolling them with sock puppets and they could identify my house through tor but could not differentiate between individual computers in the house. So pretty much anybody that uses google analytics probably has this capability.

Comment Re:Today's "Natives" eliminated the Clovis culture (Score 1, Troll) 57

Since 90 percent of native americans were wiped out by european diseases this basically says that 80 percent of the original population of the americas was not resistant to euroasiatic diseases. There is a marked non-scientific warpath to discredit the solutrean hypothesis. The extremes to which modern historians go to discredit the solutrean hypothesis actually reduce the entire discipline to a pseudoscience. Please realize that there was most likely a constant low level genetic drift between the continents for the past 40 thousand years. I am fairly confident that the bronze age atlantic civilization was in sporadic contact with the new world. The massive push for colonization of the new world / pursuit of new paths of commerce to asia brought about by the fall of constantinople and monopolization of the east west trade coupled with the resurgence of written history in europe in no way sheds doubt on the ability of ancient mariners to traverse the globe.

Comment Quantum Fluctuation (Score 3, Insightful) 612

Since the equations only express the properties of the universe, what exaclty did the quantum fluctuation occur in? This seems to be more of a confirmation of M-theory than that the universe came from nothing. What is the formula for the state directly before the fluctuation ocurred? It seems that state would be necessary to calculate what the fluctuation occurred IN. That would, to me, be more of a discovery.

Comment Fuck 'Em we can wait it out (Score 3, Insightful) 323

they are not selling food. the product is inherently of no value. I say make them sing for their supper. In the end all they are are fools for our entertainment. the idea that they dictate the terms of the price of a non essential good is in the long run just silly

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