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Comment Re:Solution! (Score 1) 110

But let's be serious, how can smart people think that any serious terrorist would use gmail or facebook to discuss an attack? If Cameron/Obama "security plan" is to control cloud services then one of the two, they are very naive or they have an hidden agenda that has nothing to do with controlling terrorism...

Comment Re:Solution! (Score 1) 110

The problem is that you can't give the capability to decrypt by law... it's open source software, so no backdoors, and if you don't have the key you can't decipher. Unless they ban linux, force everybody to use a backdoored OS and they make open source illegal. Much simpler just backdoor the HW, the processor. There's no opensource processor out there

Comment Re:This also means (Score 1) 51

Thanks for the nice words... This (having a rogue top CA ruining the entire SSL system) is a known vulnerability in the SSL architecture and it has already been used to infiltrate MS Windows updates. For this reason if you want real security you dont' use the current SSL CA structure. People don't talk too much about it for various reasons, banks don't want to create panic, government wants easy wiretap, etc. If you are happy with current top CA lists that comes with the standard browsers you really are giving your security keys to people you don't know and that are not "certified" at all. Good luck!

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