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Comment: Re:When did facebook become a right? (Score 1) 176

I don't see why inmates need access to it at all. They can find plenty of other ways to not be productive.

It's not a question of Facebook or whatever being a "right", it is about the punishment for using Facebook is out of proportion to the violation.

Comment: Re:Evil Web? (Score 1) 79

by f3rret (#49029799) Attached to: The Dark Web Still Thrives After Silk Road

Dark Web has always been the 'secret' side of the 'net. It just used to be more interesting,

Not really; we just used to be younger and more impressionable.

Well "back in the day" as it were, a Dark Net used to require you to basically set up a whole separate network infrastructure inside the World Wide Web, which I think is kinda cooler than the "everybody join in"-way of TOR.

Those old school darknets also used to be *way* more exclusive.

Comment: Re:Attractive proposition (Score 1) 288

by f3rret (#49024183) Attached to: Quantum Equation Suggests Universe Had No Beginning

And as far as a universe with no beginning or end is concerned, what's the problem?

In a word: entropy.

As I understand it, this new equitation only deals with the nature of the universe, not any of the stuff in the universe. So, yeah entropy will always increase inside the universe and the universe will eventually become uniform and the same temperature and density in all directions.
But, the universe itself is infinite and will stay so.

Comment: Re:The whole idea is crazy (Score 1) 288

by f3rret (#49024171) Attached to: Quantum Equation Suggests Universe Had No Beginning

You know, what I've often asked myself is, "What was there before the Big Bang?"

The question does not make any sense, I mean from a purely linguistic point of view it does, but the question itself does not make sense to ask.
Anything we know, have known and are able to know takes place after the big bang, thus asking what came before it is a question we cannot really answer.

Comment: Re:No "unlimited" ammunition (Score 1) 517

by f3rret (#48996939) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder

Laser are line of sight only, they can't do indirect fire. A ship would also need rail guns to launch projectiles. Its an improvement, but there will still be ammunition limits.

Lasers probably wont be used for Ship-to-ship or even ship-to-shore engagements, they're much more suited as CIWS or Anti-air roles.

Comment: Re:Lasers are easy to stop (Score 1) 517

by f3rret (#48996871) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder

And how do you propose to launch this EMP attack? EMP isn't a magical thing you can just conjure up and cast at someone like a wizard. Pretty much anything you could do to a hit a ship with an EMP would be no less difficult than just blowing up the ship with something explosive. EMP is only preferable if you then intend to send soldiers on bored the ship to seize it and retrieve if for yourself, but good fucking luck with that. I imagine the crew would scuttle it before you had chance.

I suppose you could hit them with a nuclear bomb. Those things produce pretty powerful EMP.

Comment: Re:Vote against Ubisoft with your dollars (Score 1) 468

The only New Steam Version game I own is Company of Heroes... which repairs the multiplayer services that were lost due to server shutdowns. In other words, they're restoring the engine of my car, for free, that the original supporting company allowed to die.

Also took out lan support.

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