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Journal Journal: Bored

Still working at the same place. I just wrote some stuff in java which was nice after using MFC for so long. I hate MFC. I am really bored right now. I miss Lyssa at the moment too. It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I just got over a sickness, some horrible space virus or something. Did I mention I am currently listening to The Killers and that it is snowing out or at least it was. Welp back to work I guess.

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Journal Journal: work

Sometimes I think I slack off too much at work but then I suddenly get an idea that fixes a problem with some code that I've been writing and everything is good. Currently I'm waiting for one of those moments... well actually I researching the problem. Oh well back to work.

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Journal Journal: the girl

She is so wonderful and thoughtful and just all around great (plus she's hot ;)). She inspires me to work hard and better myself. I hope I'm with her for a long time.

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Journal Journal: good things

Having someone who you can just talk to is great. Someone beautiful that can also take away all of your insecurities and make you feel all warm and happy inside. =)

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Journal Journal: relationships

relationships are quite the learning experience for me.. i learn a lot about myself and i think i'm getting better at them.
Last week was great. Sure I've been to Arizona tons of times and I've seen lots of stuff but when someone who has never ever been out west before and they come with you its super. It was like I was seeing it all again for the first time and it was great. Cactusses (Cacti) became interesting and new again instead of just blending into the background oooo and the mountains =)
Today was a good day =)

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Journal Journal: happiest

man for once i have a valentine on valentines day and she is the most wonderful person ever =) OH my school decided to double shaft me... first my building is closing this summer... i've lived here for 3 years so i've aquired a large pile of crap so that sucks ass... then 3 months after moving i have to move again to god knows where since no housing for me =( but i'll just forget about all that for now for i have other things that make me happy and other things to think about

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Journal Journal: vacation

you think with all my free time and boredom I would try and learn something new or something... but I think my mind is going some I'm giving it a vacation... maybe then maybe it will perform well in school.

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Journal Journal: holy crap am i bored

hello again journal land... its a super boring christmas but hey I'm super happy and I've met someone who is really super great. I think i'm gonna go scare the neighbors soon with my shovelling since it is super snowing out and that has made today boring... well take that day!

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