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Comment: Re:White noise or not, it's the volume (Score 1) 125

by f00Dave (#26315647) Attached to: Why Not To Shout At Your Disk Array
On to my question. If you have enough high amplitude random noise that is effectively destructive interference, would this make an enviorment where low amplitude sound could not be hear or even mechanically sensed easily?

The effect you've described is called sound masking (more generally, auditory masking), so yes, but the cause isn't quite what you inferred (destructive interference). :-)
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+ - Carmack Explains DOSBox Usage on Steam->

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An anonymous reader writes "With the recent release of Id Software games over Steam, the use DOSBox to run the older titles has stirred up plenty of questions. Over at Doomworld, Andrew "Linguica" Stein went ahead and asked John Carmack exactly why they chose to use DOSBox instead of newer versions of some of the games, specifically the ones running on the original Doom engine. His reply was fairly straightfoward:

It all comes down to resources — re-qualifying a release of anything takes a lot of time, money, and support, while just shipping the exact same executables was fairly straightforward.

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