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Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 1) 298

Um, yes there is a difference. If Joe buys a $30k car with a $10k subsidy, that has very different behavioral influence than if the subsidy went to Joe's dealer and is spread across all of the dealer's costs and may or may not shot up in any consumer based pricing. And the latter is exactly what tax credits and other shit do. So, no, you are not correct.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 1) 298

Generator is much cheaper option than batteries. In hindsight I wonder whether I should have done that instead. One installer I talked to tried to talk me into that direction. I ended up paying about 2.5x more (not counting the cost of the propane) for a battery solution, and the only thing I can really point to as an incremental benefit is that they get recharged for free. But I bet if I factored in the replacement cycle, I wouldn't like the results.

Comment Re:Plan B (Score 1) 298

Refrigerators and stoves are not a problem. Air conditioning and heat is a problem. Your solution would need to time share when AC/heat could kick on within pool participants. And it only matters for about 4 hours each day when solar generation is large enough, unless you use a battery or use the grid as a battery.

Comment Re:Why retail? (Score 1) 298

I'm pretty sure you just agreed with my point. I didn't say anyone should expect to sell excess power at a higher than wholesale rate. What I said was that you are wrong when you said that nobody is harmed by this if they sized their system for their own usage. As you note, you must use the grid as your battery, or you must have batteries yourself. If you are using the grid as your battery, then lowering the sell price harms them.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 1) 298

Maybe a bmw 7-series or something. Going fully off grid without dramatically reducing your energy usage will cost you 75k-100k. Perhaps more depending on where you live and how much energy you use at different times of the year. The problem with fully off grid is that you have to build the entire system for peak usage, which you may only need for a couple weeks in the summer or winter. And that's not 1 day of peak usage, because the highest usage times of the year are also not very efficient for PV (peak winter=little sun, peak summer=high temp).

Of course nobody does that because it's insanely expensive. It's cheaper to convert all lighting to DC LED, replace all appliances to DC and/or their most efficient models, run fans instead of A/C, convert heating systems to gas/propane/wood/pellet, etc. etc. etc.

Comment Re:Time to buy some batteries (Score 1) 298

You are overlooking a number of things. What you are saying is true only if you burn your excess every night. For about 4 months, I am selling a ton to the grid because it's winter and my heat and water heater are propane. I would need a ton of batteries to store all of that for the summer when I go net buy (by a lot)

Also systems are not set up like you imply. Technically it is possible to configure charge controllers to only charge with power from your panels, but I don't know anyone with a grid tied system who does this. The batteries are kept charged with power, and that power comes from the PV if it's generating enough or the grid if the PV isn't

Th battery life is measured in cycles. Your plan cycles the battery every day. Effectively you will be treating your batteries like you are completely off grid. This is going to be expensive and I don't know why you wouldn't just sell the excess, even if you think the rate is unfair, unless it's just out of principle

Comment Re:Plan B (Score 1) 298

I don't understand your suggestion. The pool will over-generate by a lot for peak hours (for solar generation not usage) and under-generate by a lot during off-peak. I don't see how this solves anything except for maybe AC units kicking on at different intervals.

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