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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 442

Rig count is down due to low oil prices. Supply is so much greater than supply that land storage is full and traders are paying tankers to sit idle and just serve the role of sea storage. Existing wells are running at the minimum required to cover the owning company's debt payments.

Saying the oil would cost "a lot more" if ME didn't pump is a big oversimplification. It would cost more, but the biggest problem right now is major oversupply relative to demand, so the price increase is really just ending desperation liquidation pricing.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

I don't have any idea what you are saying, honestly. In most examples you cite, the price solves the "over subscription". The problem here is that the "unlimited" plans divorce price from supply and demand. Worse, the incremental cost of every byte of bandwidth is $0, so it encourages waste.

Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 1) 500

If that's how you want to see it, mate. Your worldview is not compelling and does not appear to reflect reality. But that is okay. I am not out to convince you and I do not need the validation of having you agree with me. In fact I don't really even need my worldview to be correct in some objective sense. You have your worldview and so long as you stay in your country or your state, I could care less. And my worldview has caused me to make decisions with positive outcomes in my life. I'm not sure I can say that is evidence that I am "right", but also who gives a shit? Only you clowns have a collectivist mindset and think the only way to impact your own lives is through broad based policy prescriptions. For us, I could really care less what government does so long as I am more or less left alone.

Comment Re:Fundamental right????? (Score 1) 188

It's just a rhetorical technique. Government handouts are stigmatized, yet voters will still reward politicians for them. So politicians and their supporters make arguments about various things being rights (college, healthcare, cell phones, broadband, etc.) which gives the recipients the cover they need to avoid the stigma

Comment Re:Go fuck yourself. (Score 1) 500

Hilarious. Come back when you understand that motivation to work just hard enough to not get fired is not what I am interested in. I want people who have their interests aligned with the company and understand very clearly that they do well personally when the company does well in ways employee controls. In other words, merit based compensation.

Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 1) 500

"Do you believe that pay a worker more gets more productivity out of them?"

You are all in a fantasy land. These people got a huge bump for reasons not at all tied to performance. They get another $10k bump next year so long as they don't fuck up enough to get fired. Same in 2017.

Paying people more absolutely does motivate them and increase productivity IF YOU TIE IT TO AN INCRNTIVE directly (i.e., performance bonus, merit raise, variable comp) or indirectly (e.g., you did great work in the past so this is a thank you -- implying there could be more if you continue to knock it out of the park). We know from numerous cases where raises happen automatically based on tenure or other non-performance factors that people just consider that their base that they have already earned and are entitled to for the act of continuing to breathe, because after all that's all they need to do to get it.

This is pretty simple stuff and actually business owners (you know, PHBs lololololol) would laugh you people out of the room if you tried to make the argument you are all making here in the ignorant safety of the interwebs.

Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 1) 500

Sorry, but what planet do you live on? What you describe already occurs on a massive scale. Even in the US, a supposed "center right country", nearly all the taxes are paid by the workers in the top 40% of the income scale. Not 40% of citizens, or adults, or work age adults, or non-handicapped work age adults, but 40% of actually employed people. In the US, less than a third of the country is employed, and only a little more than half of work age adults are employed. So we are talking about 40% of 1/3 of he country that are paying nearly all the taxes... something under 15% of the country. Almost the entire remainder of the country, maybe 80%, are on the receiving end of the redistribution. This happens through tax credits (about 40% of tax filers receive more in tax refund than was withheld from their paycheck a thanks to tax credits that outweigh their tax liability), welfare, various subsidies like obsmacare, etc etc etc

I'm not sure how it works on Mars, but here on earth we have had thousands of politicians buy votes over the years by using government to steal money from wealthy people and give it to others, just in the way you say you wish we're the case.

Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 1) 500

"I'm also curious to know if he gave a similar bump in salary to those employees who were already making over $75k."

No he didn't, and two people quit because of it, including the financial analyst that help the CEO run the numbers. She later felt like it was BS that all these lower level people were going to be earning close to what she earned when she was more highly skilled. I think this mentality is idiotic, but it is pretty normal with the humans.

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