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Comment Re:Driverless cars may not sell that well... (Score 1) 293

I think you greatly over estimate the amount of people that 'love to drive'. IMHO the majority of people own a card solely for transportation, not to take it out on joy rides or cruise. Its just there to get them to/from work, the store, school, etc.

For many being able to sit and relax instead of having to pay attention on their way to work may actually make the morning more tolerable. Even for those that like to joy ride having a driverless car would still be great. I.E. trips out in the mountains I would much prefer to have a driverless car so that I can enjoy the scenery as well instead of fleeting glances while I look out for the next curve or mountain biker

Comment Re:Price tags are the greatest innovation of retai (Score 1) 439

This is basically what truecar does for you, automatically. They already know the lowest price paid in your area for the model you are looking for. They send out the request to the dealers locally then give you back the responses of the ones that were willing to match or beat the lowest price someone just paid.

I did it for my last car. Researched online, found lowest price, used truecar and compared it to their local lowest and it was close, they had a dealer get back to me the next day. Walk-in with my printout of the guaranteed price, say no to all the dealer crap, done and paid

Comment Re:Walmart's website just gets people pissed off (Score 4, Interesting) 203

Not only that but usually you could select same day pick up at the store your in, wait around until you got the 'ready' email, walk to the back of the store and pick up the one you were looking at.

I did this for a carpet cleaner walmart had, 100$ less online, but they refused to sell it to me at their online price. I had to order it from my phone, select the store I was at, then wander around for 45min until I got the 'order ready' email, then walk to the back of the store and pick up the same unit I had just been looking at.

Ill never understand why B&M stores always treat their online segment as a whole other business rather than integrate properly

Comment Re:Cannot reproduce (Score 1) 578

you may also have it disabled. I remember seeing these even before this insider release but there is an option in personalization to disable them, which I did during my first installation. Once again over-blown /. reaction to something that has always been there and is easily disabled (not saying the op, just all these threads in general)

Comment Re:Just uninstall Facebook (Score 1) 80


Im on ting so I get an idea of data usage each month. Most of the time Im around 300mb/month and have facebook installed. Then again I also have photo syncing, automatic video playing, and continuous contacts uploading turned off so maybe that helps. The one and only thing Ive found that was a huge battery drain was shotty cell signal. In my usual day to day of home->work->home my signal is fairly stable and I can come home with 50-60% battery left. However on other days (and in other cities) it drops much more dramatically depending on travel

Its just always seemed to me android needs a better cell signal search algorithm than just pounding away on the radio when one isnt available or when too many towers are in range

Comment Re:Silly but (Score 1) 480

Depends on the area of the US. In Colorado hoodies are basically the winter uniform in this state. Anytime it starts to get below 55 the hoodies start coming out. I have yet to see one person at my office that gives a crap that half the people are wearing them either.

Of course no one really sits there with their hoodie up, it just so happens most warmer clothing people around here have are hoodies. Its not just an age thing either, we have 50 year old guys wearing them

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940

It depends on the area and where you want to live. Assuming the poster is in denver, as the article is and where I am, I can tell you you could do that if you dont want to live in a crap hole and be near your job. Say a starting IT person, not engineer, is making about 40k here, after taxes they are down to about 24-26k. Rent for an OK, not luxury, apartment is about 1200-1500 here now in the area that's close to most of the IT jobs. With that your hitting 60% of your income, post tax.

Rents have shot up insanely here over the past 5 years. The pretty nice apartment I was renting, first floor 1bed with attached garage and 10min to my office, was 850$ 5 years ago. Now that same apartment goes for 1500$.

Now you also dont save that much even switching to a house. I managed to get lucky since due to life changes I had to buy a house, but it was at the very bottom of the market. At that point it was ~300$/month more than rent to get a 2000-2500sqft 3bed house, pretty nice deal and you could get a smaller place a little further away for much less. Now adays that same house costs 100k more, in 5 years many home values have gone up 50%. That basically eliminates any savings someone could hope for by buying a house vs renting at this point.

I do feel really sorry for the new guys we have at work. New engineers that can barely even afford their own 1bedrooms. When I started here 9-10 years ago a starting engineers salary was more than enough to get a very nice 1bed, get a good car, and afford entertainment as you saw fit. Now they have to get 2-3 roommates to afford a place to live nearby, or take on a 1 hour commute as one of my coworkers did since he could no longer afford his apartment and had to move far out to afford his own place.

Now Im not saying any and everyone should be able to afford a nice place right near their work, but if an engineer cant, what hope is there for the majority of average income families.

Comment Re:Overclocked Sandy (Score 1) 558


Im still on a 2600k and besides a vid card upgrade for gaming this processor is going to last at least another 2-4 years. Looking at the preliminary skylake testing theres no huge gains to be had in the next tick for intel compared to that. Everyone I know with the 2600's have all agreed it was probably their best pc component purchase ever. For me I still run it stock and have no reason to even OC yet since with a gtx970 it can still run almost every game out there at max settings and put out 60fps+ which I dont see changing any time soon since games arent particularly cpu constrained

Comment Re:The future of MIDI (Score 1) 106

There is a huge market for mobile music creation. There are some incredibly detailed and professional synths for iOS. Its also not just music creation but it allows things like bands/church groups/etc to now have a tablet or phone instead of a gigantic synth. They just need their device and a midi keyboard. This is also a huge reduction in cost. Instead of spending 5k+ on a good keyboard, you can now take that tablet you already have, a 100-200$ midi keyboard, and 100$ worth of apps and have more sounds than that 5000$ keyboard could ever provide along with more interaction, programmability, and flexibility.

Look at things like the entire korg lineup for ios: gadget, ims-20, module, the new iM1, for ~50$ you have the software replacement for 5k+ worth of hardware. Even if you wanted the vst equivalents your looking at 100$ or more. Arturia has the sem, prophet and mini, for 30$ you get more than 100$ of equivalent software and again thousands in hardware. Theres a huge amount on the apple store

Submission + - SourceForge (owned by Slashdot Media) installs ads with GIMP ( 5

careysb writes: SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.

Comment Re:One Assumption (Score 1) 609

IMHO its more that many people lack the incubation chamber necessary to become a CEO. Im sure many broom pushers could be CEO's and do that job just as adequately as existing CEOs. The problem is they came up in most likely a much poorer household than the CEO, went to a school not as a good and couldnt have even if they wished since their parents did not have money to put them in a private school. They could not attend harvard, or yale, or whatever ivy league school is expected of a CEO.

So its not that they dont have the talent, or drive, or courage but due to their circumstances they never have the opportunity to find out or even attempt to make it. The only way they could possibly do it would be start their own small business and if they are lucky maybe own a small chain by the time they die. However a CEO can just come out of an ivy league school and immediately start working their way up management positions, never having to actually start any business themselves, and still make it to the top.

However if you take that ridiculous wage gap that keeps expanding, when it used to be 70x and is now 2000x, and lower it, now the broom pusher is making more. They in turn can get a better education for their children and more opportunities. Now maybe the broom pusher might not be able to be a CEO but within a generation or two his family could most definitely have one.

Comment Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 630


I never understood the diet hate. Personally I cant stand the regular stuff for the syrupy taste and mouth/throat feel, plus that coated mouth after taste. Its also why I prefer pepsi in general since even diet coke the moment it gets to a non-frigid temperature also starts to leave a funky aftertaste for me while pepsi has never done that

Comment Re: Solar rarely enough for the whole house (Score 1) 299

Same here, also in colorado, and we always get the notice we are using more than our neighbors. Our furnace and AC are brand new(well 4 years old) and both pretty high efficiency. We also only have 2 people in the house and the heat/ac arent constantly cranked all day long. So Im with you in thinking they just put that on the bill as encouragement. I also get the same drops as you, summer it says Im doing better

Comment Re:Good for them. (Score 1) 140

Computer gaming is nowhere near as bad. If you can wait 6months you get the game for 75% off+. There are plenty of games with large single player modes and I have yet to play a single game where I had to pay to play multi-player

Unless your only playing MMO's almost nothing you said about PC gaming actually applies

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