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Comment: Re:The future of MIDI (Score 1) 106

by ezelkow1 (#49796415) Attached to: Android M To Embrace USB Type-C and MIDI

There is a huge market for mobile music creation. There are some incredibly detailed and professional synths for iOS. Its also not just music creation but it allows things like bands/church groups/etc to now have a tablet or phone instead of a gigantic synth. They just need their device and a midi keyboard. This is also a huge reduction in cost. Instead of spending 5k+ on a good keyboard, you can now take that tablet you already have, a 100-200$ midi keyboard, and 100$ worth of apps and have more sounds than that 5000$ keyboard could ever provide along with more interaction, programmability, and flexibility.

Look at things like the entire korg lineup for ios: gadget, ims-20, module, the new iM1, for ~50$ you have the software replacement for 5k+ worth of hardware. Even if you wanted the vst equivalents your looking at 100$ or more. Arturia has the sem, prophet and mini, for 30$ you get more than 100$ of equivalent software and again thousands in hardware. Theres a huge amount on the apple store

+ - SourceForge (owned by Slashdot Media) installs ads with GIMP-> 5

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careysb writes: SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.
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Comment: Re:One Assumption (Score 1) 609

by ezelkow1 (#49727889) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

IMHO its more that many people lack the incubation chamber necessary to become a CEO. Im sure many broom pushers could be CEO's and do that job just as adequately as existing CEOs. The problem is they came up in most likely a much poorer household than the CEO, went to a school not as a good and couldnt have even if they wished since their parents did not have money to put them in a private school. They could not attend harvard, or yale, or whatever ivy league school is expected of a CEO.

So its not that they dont have the talent, or drive, or courage but due to their circumstances they never have the opportunity to find out or even attempt to make it. The only way they could possibly do it would be start their own small business and if they are lucky maybe own a small chain by the time they die. However a CEO can just come out of an ivy league school and immediately start working their way up management positions, never having to actually start any business themselves, and still make it to the top.

However if you take that ridiculous wage gap that keeps expanding, when it used to be 70x and is now 2000x, and lower it, now the broom pusher is making more. They in turn can get a better education for their children and more opportunities. Now maybe the broom pusher might not be able to be a CEO but within a generation or two his family could most definitely have one.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 630

by ezelkow1 (#49562401) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame


I never understood the diet hate. Personally I cant stand the regular stuff for the syrupy taste and mouth/throat feel, plus that coated mouth after taste. Its also why I prefer pepsi in general since even diet coke the moment it gets to a non-frigid temperature also starts to leave a funky aftertaste for me while pepsi has never done that

Comment: Re: Solar rarely enough for the whole house (Score 1) 299

by ezelkow1 (#49551349) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

Same here, also in colorado, and we always get the notice we are using more than our neighbors. Our furnace and AC are brand new(well 4 years old) and both pretty high efficiency. We also only have 2 people in the house and the heat/ac arent constantly cranked all day long. So Im with you in thinking they just put that on the bill as encouragement. I also get the same drops as you, summer it says Im doing better

Comment: Re:Good for them. (Score 1) 140

by ezelkow1 (#49399015) Attached to: Building an NES Emulator

Computer gaming is nowhere near as bad. If you can wait 6months you get the game for 75% off+. There are plenty of games with large single player modes and I have yet to play a single game where I had to pay to play multi-player

Unless your only playing MMO's almost nothing you said about PC gaming actually applies

Comment: Re:All I can say is this (Score 2) 386

except his (IMHO utterly horrible) animals track copied about 3 other tracks. Electronic music in general would completely dissappear since everyone takes little bits and pieces from everyone else. House(funky especially) has been my goto genre for 15 years or more now, but they really just cant sue each other or they would all go down in flames. Hell 1/3 of all songs relesed in the past 5 years could be taken down by eric prydz for sampling his pryda snare hit straight from his track (it would be a straight look n feel type of thing), good thing he said he doesnt particularly care, he's just annoyed

Comment: Re:There's only one good thing to come out of this (Score 1) 386

Except he does license (at least the vast majority) of the tracks he 'sings' over, same goes for flo-rida. Having been to a pitbull concert(the woman dragged me there but it was actually fun) was like listening to the past 10 years of electronic music all over again. Every single one of his tracks was some popular-mildly popular house track that had been released in the previous 10-15 years. Same goes for all of flo-rida's songs. I looked them up a while back though and both of them generally pay royalties/licenses/credit/whatever since even though the majority of people out there wont recognize the tracks, they are basically taking all of them as-is to rap on top of

Comment: Re:Not sure what they're looking at? (Score 1) 161

by ezelkow1 (#49215343) Attached to: Ultralight Convertibles Approaching Desktop Performance

I get that, I mean that is what the U's are designed for. My issue with them, more the manufacturers, is that they are putting U's in non-ultrabook form factors. The only way to get non-U anymore is to buy a 'gaming' laptop which usually costs 2-3x as much as a laptop used to cost with the same processor

Comment: Re:12 in laptop != desktop (Score 1) 161

by ezelkow1 (#49210445) Attached to: Ultralight Convertibles Approaching Desktop Performance


Also the games being cheaper on a PC is a huge factor if your looking at it from a gaming/price stand point. If your willing to wait 6mo you can have the same title on PC for 10-15$ or even less vs. still paying 50-60 for a console version. After a few games the price difference in hardware between a console and pc vanishes. then your left with what is still a vast cheap library of games and a piece of hardware that is incrementally upgradable

Comment: Re:Not sure what they're looking at? (Score 1) 161

by ezelkow1 (#49208275) Attached to: Ultralight Convertibles Approaching Desktop Performance

but it doesnt have to be like this, its because the manufacturers have been pushing the ultrabook class cpus into everything because they are cheap.

for example, you used to be able to get this processor in a 600-700$ laptop

That is 3x the performance of these U series processors. It even matches my 2600k. However since the U's are much cheaper, and as stated in the summary, most users wont even know the difference since all they do is surf and watch movies

Comment: Re:Ultrabook isn't a "class" (Score 2) 70

by ezelkow1 (#49107147) Attached to: Intel Core M Enables Lower Cost Ultrabooks; Asus UX305 Tested

The thing that has pissed me off about the ultrabook push is that since the processors for them are cheaper than non-U processors manufacturers started putting them in almost all laptops, not just ultrabooks. The common consumer is not aware, they have no idea what the U designation on the processor means. For them though it can mean half the performance of a non-U spec'd proc.

I was attempting to buy a laptop during this transition a few years ago and eventually gave up when I could find only one out there that was still in my price range that wasnt a non-U anymore. Over the period of a month or two every manufacturer transitioned all of their models to U processors, halving the performance but at the same price, same case, same ram, etc just to feed their bottom line. Now I only see non-U's in gaming and higher priced models

Comment: What third party are they sending data to? (Score 1) 153

by ezelkow1 (#49088391) Attached to: Samsung Smart TVs Don't Encrypt the Voice Data They Collect

The other issue that they may be facing is that they are not in control of the text to speech aspect. There are a couple vendors out there that provide this functionality, nuance being one of the large players, and most of them work in this manner with some sort of xml/json and a binary blob of the pcm data. If the vendor they are using does not support encrypted data on the server end, then there isnt much samsung can do besides going and finding one that does

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