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by ezelkow1 (#47445883) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

I wouldnt say its harder than a manual labor job, but depending on course of study it can be way harder than a real job. If your doing a STEM degree pretty much everyone I have ever talked to all agreed that real life was way easier then college. No late nights till 4am to get projects done to determine if you have to retake an entire class for another 6mo, no pressure of tests, reading through 3-5 classes worth of notes and homework trying to understand all the complicated subject matter every day, blah blah blah all the school stuff.

A job from a stem degree, you go in, do your 9-5, and leave (that is if you've chosen well, or maybe you really like what you do and want to work later which is fine to). IMHO its way less stress, way better hours, and you get great money for it instead of shelling out money

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There are tons. The main issue with SB/Asus/Realtek/Etc is their completely and utterly shit drivers. Depending on what you need look for any of the actual audio interfaces out there like ones made by native instruments, steinberg. motu, focusrite, etc etc ones made for music production (id avoid maudio, they are like the bargain basement of production tools for driver support). They live and die by their drivers and latency and support and usually have much better dacs than the big commercial boys

It really depends on how many ins/outs(and what type) you need as to what to look for

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Its not really that much more complicated. I do cross dev at work, but at home I had a crossdev setup for a handheld gaming machine we were porting linux to up and running in under 30min. Its really not that hard to just specify a target on a different host. This is all gcc as well, you dont need money for good embedded tools

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Not every engineering school is like that though. At Purdue for most math and science AP credits they still require you to take their own placement test during an orientation weekend. They flat out tell you during the physics one that maybe one kid a year will actually score high enough to opt out of the first physics good luck. I got no credit for my AP CS class because they just didnt consider it equivalent to anything in their first year engineering curriculum, maybe if I would have been going as a CS major and not CmpE it may have bought me something

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then let them find MIPS or ARM or whatever-fad-arch-is-current so they too can appreciate the design of x86.

Mips and arm as fads? You do realize mips has been around almost as long as x86 has, and is still widely used. People all too often forget that the majority of devices out there are not full fledged computers, they are embedded devices, to which mips and arm own the space. This is exactly why mips is still widely taught in colleges as it is readily accessible, open, and still used in the industry. It also gives a good foundation to build on when looking at other ISAs

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Are you in the same region as those surveyed? These are all in NYC where you have to have a wage like this to even come close to affording a tiny apartment. The same pay in iowa would have you living in a pretty large house, its all relative. Same would go for california tech jobs, so the majority of people filling out these surveys are going to be where the majority of these tech workers live (NYC and california) so obviously they are going to appear inflated to anyone living outside of those areas

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And as I said, we have a rail system, plenty of people live and work downtown and can walk to work. If they want to they can take the rail system which for most people ends up being a 10-40min ride depending on distance. I think your just stuck in this mentality that NYC is the only place where you never need a car to live when in fact it can be done in many major cities. I have friends in denver who get by just fine without a car. This is all without paying exorbitant NYC rents

Ill take living 15min(drive) outside of a big city, with use of rail to get into the city within 25min, having a 15min commute to work, and then being able to take my car out to the mountains for some of the best skiing, boarding, and hiking in the world within a 1-1.5hr drive. All the while being able to own a 4/2.5 house for half as much as the rent of a studio apt in nyc

But I guess if all you can see is 'cheapskate hillbilly' out of all that then I feel sorry for you

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1) denver is democrat leaning, especially the city itself

good luck with your subway in SV, or perhaps you just need reading comprehension lessons. Obviously NYC's mass transit is miles ahead of most other cities, and SF's as well. Im not about to spend an hour or 2 in mass transit or traffic hell when I can have my nice 15min commute and not waste 15 hours of my life a week in commuting

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Another +1 to this. Same with chase. I pay no banking fees. The only fee I do pay to them is a yearly 25$ for my credit card and thats only because I have one that earns points with cash back, so I make back that 25$ in 2-4 weeks and the rest of the year get ~50$ back a month. Of course if you dont keep your CC balance cleared out it can easily negate that, but of course that could happen with a CC through anyone

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This would be my guess as well. I was one of those who got a CmpE degree, 8 years ago. Its sort of half EE half CS, but the CS part focuses more on embedded systems. So most of the work I did was either VHDL or C/ASM on microcontrollers. I took some electives that were more traditionally software focused like operating systems, networks, and software engineering. We did cover the basics of EE and the digital part with gates and some more analog stuff with designing amps with transistors and such, but no power (besides the basics covered in circuit analysis 1-2. There was also the beginnings of some dsp type stuff with the signals and systems class

So yea, its like a half n half with a focus on digital

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To add to this, steam doesnt force its drm on any publisher/game creator that doesnt want it. There are plenty of games for purchase on steam that use absolutely no drm, once downloaded you can go to their install dir and run the game executable without steam running just fine. At that point its just another distribution service

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Ive never had an issue with the htc software and in some ways it is better than the samsung one. HTC is vastly superior in its contacts handling. My GF has a galaxy s3 and she still sometimes wishes she went for a evo4glte or htc one because the samsung software has limits on contacts linking, randomly creates new contacts, doesnt properly sync across accounts, all sorts of niggles when it comes to that area. The HTC side however has never had any issues Ive seen

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Just because a religion follows some text does not mean that is how it is followed among its followers nor thats how its taught to kids being brought up that way. I was brought up jewish, but reform, and even starting 20 years ago when I was in sunday school it was never taught as a 'we are right, everyone else is wrong, convert them' (though Ive never seen that as a tenant of any form of judaism). To all the schools/synagogues I went to it was all up to the person, it was never foisted upon them that they really and truly must believe in a god.

  To go along with that all the old testament stories were treated far more as fables and were up for interpretation in sunday school and in service as a way to understand ones own life and as moral stories to think about for various situations. At this point judaism basically accepts that it was all written by mere men and treats them as such, but that does not mean no value can be gleaned from the study of the stories.

That being said I am an atheist, but being brought up in a way to analyze religious teachings as just a moral framework was definitely not detrimental (not that I dont think I couldnt have figured it out on my own or really needed it) but I can see how it might be useful to those that need it

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