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Comment: Re:I don't see the problem (Score 2) 461

Ive done it, plenty of times. Which is one of the reasons steam shut down gifting games from russia (along with the whole currency drop thing). There were plenty of reputable russians out there, so you didnt have to deal with dodgy key sites, who would sell you the game for the russian price with a small mark up on their end. They are completely legit in the instances where games were not region locked which used to be the vast majority. Its how I got the latest civ game for 60% off for a pre-order. Russian prices are usually vastly lower than the USA pricing, i.e. GTA V is 30$ there, the latest COD was 15$ at one point

the only time its not legit is when you are required to use a vpn in order to activate your game since you are violating the TOS at that point. But to have a region non-locked game gifted to you is no way against the TOS. The reputable sellers wont sell you those games anyway since it impacts their business as well. Since you are getting the game gifted the chances of a bad key also go way down, its already in their inventory and most likely purchased directly from the store

As another reply said, go look at nuuvem, as long as a game isnt region locked to brazil (their country of origin) they have no problems selling you a game, which is usually at a vast discount because there are no issues with it, the key could from from the USA, UK, it doesnt matter, its all from the same pool at that point.

Comment: More like lower cost than ultrabook (Score 1) 97

by ezelkow1 (#48781215) Attached to: Intel 5th Gen Core Series Performance Preview With 2015 Dell XPS 13

The thing I never understood is that these are supposed to be geared to ultrabooks. However any laptop these days that are inexpensive are also using these U series processors, and they arent slim by any means. A few years ago when I was looking for a new laptop I found that between many manufacturers series revisions they switched from the HQ processors to the U processors, yet still charged the same amount on the laptop for much lower performance. You could find basically the same 2 models across a year when they made the switch at the same price.

Since the U's also now show up in all the cheap laptops and you can only find the HQ's in higher priced laptops anymore that just tells me that they cost alot less. Manufacturers realized most consumers arent concerned about specs and just buy what ever is in their price range regardless and could charge the same amount. So the U's allowed them higher profit margins without much reduction in purchases.

At that point I just gave up on the whole laptop thing after buying one of the remaining toshiba's that had an i7-HQ series proc in it for ~600 and had twice the performance of the newer model. Once I had to swap it out three times for static discharge issues from a non-user replaceable battery I threw in the towel on laptops

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 2) 82

by ezelkow1 (#48705753) Attached to: Pew Survey: Tech Increases Productivity, But Also Time Spent Working


So many people I work with have their work email on their devices. They are always surprised when I dont have my email or calendar on my phone and every time I tell that that until the office wants to pay for my service they will not have their information on my personal device. Why they are willing to do it I have no idea

Comment: Re:What ecosystem do you want? (Score 1) 178

by ezelkow1 (#48383389) Attached to: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' vs. iOS 8: More Similar Than Ever

Yea Ive had some dev's say that, and then those exact same devs turn around and do that exact thing. I.e. ticket to ride. The IAP's for android and steam activate together based on your TTR account, the iOS does not. However their game smallworld2 had IAP from another bundle (just like TTR) that activated based on game account and so activated on all products.

Comment: Re:What ecosystem do you want? (Score 1) 178

by ezelkow1 (#48378887) Attached to: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' vs. iOS 8: More Similar Than Ever

One thing I wish more devs would do is the universal IAP unlock. I have a couple games that have this and its awesome. Instead of having to buy the game outright on apple/android store, you get the free version. Then log in to your games account from android/ios/web/pc/whatever version you have, pay for the IAP to unlock the full version which then gets associated to your game account, and your done. Now you have the full version available on any platform

Any time I see that option on a game/app even if Im slightly interested in it it almost becomes an insta-buy just to support them

Comment: Re:Expect a push from the Insurance Industry (Score 1) 320

by ezelkow1 (#48242839) Attached to: What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?

The one question I have on the insurance situation is when an autonomous car causes an accident who is fault? The manufacturer or the owner? Since the owner was not in command of the vehicle I would think it would be the manufacturer.

So then take the auto-auto scenario to its end conclusion, no one drivers manually ever anymore and the manufacturer is always the one at fault. It may take 50 years from the intro of the auto/manual version, but it would come eventually. At which point auto insurance would be out of business. Surely the insurance industry would be apposed to something they know would eventually put them out of business

Comment: Re:It's telling. (Score 1) 144

I tell young people, unless you really really really love engineering and programming, you'll have a much better future in medicine - and a longer one at that.

Why bust your ass 60+ hours a week for $80K per year -if that - and have your job sent overseas to India when you could be making as much working 36 hours a week as a nurse practioner - over $100K when you get about 4 years of experience.

The STE part of STEM sucks unless you absolutely cannot do anything else because of love or lack of talent. It's too much work and stress for too little rewards.

That really just depends on where you get a job. There are plenty of jobs out there that dont require you to do 60+ hours a week. In general I work 40-42.5, as do most of the people i work with (except the ones who think they are doing an awesome job working 50-60 when really you just have to clean up their crap later)

The 60+ only applies if you go to a place and feel pressured to do 60 because for some reason all the other employees have been duped in to thinking thats the norm, or they are fresh out of college and have heard all these stories, so thats what they think they have to do until they learn better after a year that thats just stupid

Comment: Re: Anthropometrics (Score 1) 819

by ezelkow1 (#47846519) Attached to: 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

US has had BS cheap airfares for decades.

Here in Australia you're talking $300-400 to cross the country. And that's a cheap flight.

Thats what it is in the US as well. Cheapest I see for a flight from NYC to LA in mid october time frame is 350, tack on your baggage fees and your at 400. They have been going up over the past couple years as well. I used to be able to find a denver->las vegas flight for 100$ roundtrip pretty easily, these days the cheapest you'll find is 200$ for the same time period

Comment: Re:I use a conservative less is more approach (Score 2) 167

by ezelkow1 (#47792155) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Phone Apps?

Look for 'Power toggles' ( . That is what I use on my nexus 5. It asks for camera permission for the flashlight, and alert window, and root for running root cmds which has no effect on non-rooted phones. It gives you a bunch of toggles, I leave mine in the main top drop down. One of which is a flashlight toggle. So you dont even need an app with this, plus lets you toggle about 30-40 other things

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