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Comment: Freedom of Choice in the U.S.A. (Score 1) 338

by eyepeepackets (#47725651) Attached to: FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

So, where is the freedom? Where is the choice? I can choose between Corporate Person A or Corporate Person B but not a Citizen Cooperative (government)? I thought these Corporate Person types loved Freedom and Choice. These Corporate Personages are crooks who lie like the politicians they buy -- and their products generally suck.

Comment: Re:Microsoft naming practices (Score 1) 426

Yes, a good point about the exploits-as-we-type attribute of Microsoft's blackbox software.

Historically, IE earned the name "Internet Exploder" because during its early days, it would not only crash, but crash and take the file system down with it, requiring a complete reinstall/rebuild of the system. I was slow moving from the Atari ST world onto PCs for my home system and when I did, the new PC came with Windows '95 with Internet Explorer built in to the OS. In the first thirty days of owning this system, IE crashed and trashed three times, after which I went down to Powell's Books in Portland and bought a copy of SAM's Slackware Linux -- and never looked back.

Comment: Solution (Score 1) 457

by eyepeepackets (#47677703) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases

Provide a common forum without restrictions by having a two-tiered forum: Serious Discussion and Peanut Gallery. How sites impliment this is optional, but it does allow for both the serious and the silly, the thinkers and the trolls. Requires quality supervision and moderation, yet here is the rub -- sites which either don't want to moderate their forums or do a really crappy job of it (Slashdot, this mirror is for you) are the ones that have the most trouble with trolling.

Comment: Symbolic logic... (Score 1) 241

by eyepeepackets (#47487067) Attached to: Math, Programming, and Language Learning

would be better than math if one is looking for a bridge from language to programming. Absent symbolic logic, math -- especially algebra -- is a good introduction to the concept of computer programming because of its logic component (application of the algebraic hierarchy is a simple logic system.)

For kids, Lewis Carroll's symbolic logic is both fun and useful.

Comment: Brains versus CPUs (Score 3, Informative) 189

by eyepeepackets (#47026229) Attached to: Understanding an AI's Timescale

This article at Science Daily is helpful in understanding the issue:

Comparing CPUs and brains is like comparing apples to planets: Granted, both are somewhat round but that's pretty much the end of any useful comparison.

Note that I don't agree that CPU-based computers can't be made to be intelligent, but I do think such intelligence will be significantly different.

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