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Comment: Alternative approach (Score 1) 96 96

Timberwolf on the X1000 can't compare (yet) with Firefox on Wintel, but it's fun (and other browsers are available on the Amiga, including those running under AmiCygnix [YouTube]). And this is a work in development. The more alternatives there are to the mainstream OSes, the better!

+ - UK judge orders BT to block access to Newzbin2->

eyeoftheidol writes: "A judge in the UK has ordered the ISP BT to block access to filesharing site Newzbin2 within 14 days. From the article: "Wednesday's court order also allows for the blocking of any other IP or internet address that the operators of the Newzbin2 site might look to use to continue to offer copyrighted content to users. In addition the court said BT must foot the bill for the cost of implementing the web block on Newzbin2.""
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