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Comment Seems to me the landing barge needs to help more (Score 1) 342

So why wasn't the landing barge designed with several pairs of masts or arms that would remain extended outward from the platform edges at a low angle, say 30 degrees, and then, once the rocket reaches a certain altitude, quickly raise on hinges to lean into the center and wrap the rocket in strong nets of webbing strung between them?

Wouldn't that go a long way toward safely keeping the vehicle in the vertical without being overly dependent on the small maneuvering thrusters?

Comment Re:Hayden Christensen's career... (Score 1) 360

You're right about his acting ability, but the killer for the movie was direction. Portman is a much better actor, but lame script and mediocre director was what really did it in. I suspect if she was more mature at the time she could have pushed back on some of the script and direction choices.

All the hot grits in the world can't save her from that script.

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