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Comment Re:Closed Ecosystem (Score 1) 89 89

From what I understand, a significant chunk of the problem with mobile device "longevity" is that closed source drivers for the SoC's used in phones are typically provided by chipset vendors, and if the driver model used by the O/S ever changes then the SoC vendor needs to provide a newer set of drivers.

That's mostly it, the problem is that the Linux kernel binary interface is unstable so binary drivers that work in one version may not work in the next version and would often need to be modified and rebuilt against the newer kernel then distributed.

Comment Re:aren't doing this every year? (Score 1) 274 274

Come on. We did that last year and the year before! I love what stallman stands for, but this is getting stale!

I think it's interesting to follow up on how the FSF is coping with a changing computing environment - more integration of software and hardware in devices, more proliferation of cloud services and SaaS for example - but I agree it's pretty pointless to rehash the old BSD vs GPL discussion every single year. Like there needs to be a plan to address these changes and not just a "no, no, no don't do anything different because it's all bad for privacy and freedom" response to change.

Comment Re:Closed Ecosystem (Score 1) 89 89

and so, I am running quite old software on a mobile computer and unless I pay for new hardware (my old hw works fine, still) I can't get updates.

The hardware may work fine but there is no appropriate software to run on it. So ultimately is your privacy worth a couple hundred dollars every year or so?

essentially its abandonware. hundreds of dollars and I have a device that won't ever get updated even though there's not a single good reason for that.

The code is all there, it's open source but nobody wants to maintain it and nobody wants to pay anybody to maintain it. What do you think is going to happen to it? It isn't going to maintain itself.

Comment Free software in the broader consumer device space (Score 1) 274 274

Do you have any suggestions for popularizing Free Software with consumers in this age where we are moving toward software and hardware being even more tightly integrated in devices such as smartphones, DVRs, tablets, watches, etc...?

To clarify further, I understand the issues with locked-down and proprietary hardware & software in so many consumer products but simply informing people of those issues is not enough. To sway people we need functionally (and ultimately aesthetically but that can come later) comparable Free Software -based products with the matching adequate user experiences that they have come to expect from the proprietary vendors. To go mainstream, those freedoms need to be a value-add to a good product, not the key feature of the product.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 243 243

Well, that is something else entirely, then. They should call it touchscreen mode.

It's hardly entirely different, if you want to be pedantic they should probably call it "Finger Touchscreen Interaction Mode", because you might not necessarily use your finger on the touchscreen, you might use a stylus which is more precise and doesn't need control resizing. But tablet mode is probably enough of a generalization.

Tablet mode sounds like you would want to use it on a tablet.

You probably would want to use it on a tablet.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 2) 243 243

The fastest way to launch a program is to click on a shortcut. The start menu is for discovering what programs are on the computer. Searching is useless if you don't know what is installed.

I'm sure you can come up with a contrived scenario but are you really just exploring a computer and looking for a program to run without knowing what you want to do that often that using the start screen rather than the start menu was that much of an inconvenience? Even if you have a file and you don't know what program you want to open it with the "Open with..." menu generally lists all the appropriate programs, again you can come up with a scenario where this doesn't happen but it's far from typical.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 243 243

What! Windows 10 isn't sophisticated enough to figure out if it is running on a tablet?

It's less a "tablet mode" and more a "touchscreen mode", and no, Windows 10 isn't sophisticated enough to figure out if you're going to use your mouse or your touchscreen to interact with your computer before you do.

Comment Re:SD Card? (Score 1) 148 148

Probably because this isn't marketed at the premium price point, they seem to have gone to great lengths to bring the price down, compare it to other Android phones of similar specifications or to the iPhone for example.

$30 this way or that won't sway people onto or away from your phone.

Right, so even if that $30 is completely profit off the top thanks to peoples' willingness to pay it, what's your point? Who cares?

Submission + - Maliciously Crafted MKV Video Files Can Be Used To Crash Android Phones->

itwbennett writes: Just days after the so-called 'Stagefright' flaw, which could allow attackers to compromise devices with a simple MMS message, was revealed, researchers have found another Android media processing flaw. The latest vulnerability is located in Android’s mediaserver component, more specifically in how this service handles files that use the Matroska video container (MKV), the Trend Micro researchers said in a blog post Wednesday.
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