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Comment: Re:So does this mean.... (Score 1) 133

by exomondo (#49331597) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK

They are removing from users the choice of installing an operating system other than Windows on their hardware of choice.

If by "they" you mean the OEMs (not Microsoft) and you have an example of an OEM who has actually done that then yes perhaps you may have a point. But if your hardware "of choice" doesn't have the ability to choose what operating system you put on it then obviously you chose wrong.

Comment: Re:"Free" with restrictions is not Free! (Score 1) 198

by exomondo (#49331391) Attached to: Pixar Releases Free Version of RenderMan

Knowing this, Pixar should have released it free as in free

Nobody except FSF devotees considers something offered "free" to mean anything other than free of charge. If you interpret something offered "free" to mean free of restriction with an onus on the provider to also provide you the instructions and material associated to re-create a modified version of it then you're an idiot.

Comment: Re:When did Slashdot become a press agent? (Score 1) 198

by exomondo (#49331351) Attached to: Pixar Releases Free Version of RenderMan

As if there weren't a bunch of free tools already?

There are some but few of industry quality so the defacto in the industry for the most part is Renderman.

I think anyone serious about making money is going to be either invested in a proper professional package, or has devoted to Blender et al.

Blender? How is Blender in any way an alternative or competitor to Renderman?

If Pixar wants some space here, it's simply because they want young talent to use their stuff.

Of course it is, that's why it's for non-commercial use. It's so you can learn a professional tool without having to pay for it when you aren't going to use it to make any money.

I guess the end result is, if you are young and want to maybe work for Pixar someday, learn this software, that way they won't have to train you and you're in.

Yeah because nobody in the CG industry except Pixar uses Renderman right?

Comment: Re:Free as in (Score 1) 198

by exomondo (#49331313) Attached to: Pixar Releases Free Version of RenderMan

Blender being open source and free to use for most anything, even commercial, vs the Pixar product that is "free", but only if you don't try to make any money with any creations YOU make from it.

Why are you comparing Blender and Renderman? It's apples and oranges, they aren't even the same kind of tool!

Renderman is now free of charge for non-commercial use, i.e. for evaluating it, creating your showreel or learning it so that when you move into the commercial space you are familiar with the industry tools. If these terms and limitations confuse you or upset you then just ignore this announcement and continue using something like POVRay or BMRT.

Comment: Re:I know I'll get flamed... (Score 1) 165

by exomondo (#49325139) Attached to: RMS Talks Net Neutrality, Patents, and More

No one considers using fucking Android to be "running Linux" in the common sense.

Well what is "running Linux in the common sense"? If what you're saying is that GNU/Linux has a lot more GNU in it than non-GNU/Linux then that's obviously pretty redundant and makes no point at all.

Similarly, I don't "run Linux" when I use the seat-back terminal on a Virgin America flight or when i turn on a router.

Well that's not a personal computing sense, it isn't your computer but on a smartphone or a tablet it absolutely is. So which of the following is "running Linux in the common sense" and why: Ubuntu, Ubuntu Phone, Maemo, ChromeOS, Android?

Comment: Re:I know I'll get flamed... (Score 1) 165

by exomondo (#49323797) Attached to: RMS Talks Net Neutrality, Patents, and More

RMS did not invent free software. But he was the first to espouse the philosophy of free software, and argue that it was an ethical and moral issue.

That's really the part that hasn't taken off though. Even Linux - Free Software's biggest claim to fame - is about open source and code sharing rather than the ethics and morals of the FSF.

This is something they knew, GCC could have easily had a license term (just like the GPL has with library linkage) that the input to it must be GPL-compatible and as such could only be used for Free Software but they didn't because people are more interested in getting things done than aligning with the FSF's philosophical point of view. This gives developers who use GCC the ability to not give the Free Software freedoms to other people and that is exactly the thing the FSF's restrictive licenses exist to prevent.

If you run Linux, you are likely using a lot more code written by RMS than by Linus.

Not really, this is where the distinction is important. If you run GNU/Linux then maybe, but if you run another Linux - like Android for example - you may find there is very little GNU in there.

Comment: Re:I know I'll get flamed... (Score 1) 165

by exomondo (#49323693) Attached to: RMS Talks Net Neutrality, Patents, and More

That makes no sense. His idea was to have a 100% free unix. They started working on the hurd. Then Linux came along and it was under an acceptable license, so RMS declared that the problem was solved

However Linux isn't about Free Software and it doesn't assign copyrights to the FSF (so it will forever be GPLv2) so even though RMS is all upset about Tivoization it will continue to exist for Linux because Linus disagrees with RMS and sees Tivoization as a good thing because the philosophy of Linux is about sharing of code, not "freedom".

The world changed, we got more embedded systems and highspeed broadband which allowed for SaaS, the FSF copyright assignment meant these could be addressed with updated licenses to cater for changes to the technology sector but Linux not being about Free Software meant not handing the keys to the FSF and thus the quickest path compromise of using Linux has meant there is no real Free Software kernel.

Comment: Re: Why So Important (Score 1) 214

by exomondo (#49296409) Attached to: The GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty

Without copyright on software, the GPL does not need to exist.

No, that assertion demonstrates that you don't understand the difference between Freeware and Free Software. Without the GPL and Copyright I could take open source code, create a modification to it and distribute just the binary without the source code. Sure the lack of copyright would mean that people could redistribute that binary free of charge and restriction but there would be nothing to force me to release the source code modifications along with it. And that is one of the key elements of the GPL, in fact it is what differentiates it as a restrictive license from permissive licenses like BSD, MIT or Apache.

Comment: Re:Convenience (Score 1) 214

by exomondo (#49289073) Attached to: The GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty

The primary concern is toward the interests of the end-user.

Kind of, the primary concern is what the end user can do with the source code. This is the reason free software isn't particularly interesting to people, because end users are not programmers and thus are almost never interested in the source code. Free as in gratis is great for end users but freedom with respect to the source code isn't particularly useful to them.

It's a great model for advancing corporate interests, they can employ or contract developers to get their needs met and can even keep those changes inhouse if they wish. But there's no real model for advancing end user interests, that's just hobbyists and volunteers or some overlap with corporate needs. That's why free software really is lacking, sure end users could contract developers to implement a feature for them or spend time learning how to do it themselves but it's generally more cost effective to just pay the fee for a proprietary program that does it, cheaper for the end user and income for the developer.

Comment: Re:so, the key to amnesty... (Score 1) 322

by exomondo (#49288847) Attached to: Microsoft Offers Pirates Amnesty and Free Windows 10 Upgrades

10 might be a stepping stone where they offer both, but I have no doubt in mind SaaS windows will arrive with windows 10.

Not until having cellular data access in laptops becomes commonplace. Even now while they do have SaaS offerings they haven't replaced any software with a SaaS-only offering much less doing so with the operating system doing that would be fraught with problems and drive people straight to alternatives. What you suggest makes absolutely no sense at all.

Comment: Re: Windows 10 is really awesome (Score 1) 236

by exomondo (#49271437) Attached to: Microsoft Has Received 1 Million Pieces of Feedback For Windows 10

It's been how long now and they still can't make a dent on the desktop. Same with macosx.

It's all about the programs it can run, no end user cares about the operating system, they care about what programs they can run on it. An operating system alone is not useful. This is why OSX does have at least some share of the desktop market, because there are quite a few popular professional-grade programs that run on it like Logic, Final Cut, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. so there are a group of professionals that can get their work done on a Mac. The choice of operating systems comes after the choice of programs for the task you want to accomplish. For example if you need Photoshop your options are Windows or OSX but not Linux or if you need Solidworks your only option is Windows, not OSX or Linux.

Linux as a desktop operating system in general has been perfectly fine for many years, but it doesn't have the application support that end users need which makes it pretty useless for most people.

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