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Comment Re:Really necessary? (Score 0) 279

That's because you are ignoring those who live below the poverty line.

No I'm not, I said "I can't imagine that many people will eschew going to the movies for a smartphone camera recording". Those living below the poverty line generally aren't going to the movies so it's not like the movie studios are missing out on anything with these cam versions.

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 1) 508

Oh fuck off. I already told you why. I'm not repeating every fucking argument in every fucking post for the benefit of a forgetful moron.

No, perhaps you're just becoming senile in your old age but I asked you to substantiate your claims, which you failed to do. The iPad Pro is absolutely not lacking in computing power as a development tool and it is designed with a keyboard in mind so there is no reason it couldn't be used very effectively as a development machine. But you just cry that it is "irrational"...that is of course until Apple puts XCode on it and then I'm sure you'll hail it as "innovative".

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 0) 508

I've lost count of how many languages and platforms I've worked on over the years. Stuck in my ways? You don't know what you're talking about.

Yes I get it you're trying to establish some credential so people take your word without justification, you can tell me you've worked on a million bazillion platforms and languages but that doesn't give your baseless arguments any more merit. Just justify your arguments with facts.

If your level of coding is "Hello World", it's fine. For a professional programmer it's woefully inadequate.

In what specific way(s)? You still fail to justify your assertion with any basis. You obviously don't know what you're talking about which is why you've gone with the "I'm old so you should just believe what I say" method of argument.

Comment Re:The Surface is a laptop, the iPad Pro is not (Score 0) 279

Being Windows it's heavily keyboard centric and keeping the keyboard up consumes a large part of the display.

Windows doesn't really have anything to do with it, when I want to launch a program on Windows or iOS it's the same mechanism: If it's on the homescreen then press it, otherwise search - which brings up the software keyboard on both platforms.

iPad apps all bring up a keyboard as sparingly as possible and try to make controls take as few presses as possible to use, while Windows apps often bury lots of things in deep menus or right-click menus (which require the trackpad part of the smart cover to access quickly).

Well that depends on what software you're using I suppose. Photoshop for Windows is a lot more capable than Photoshop for iOS which is why functionality resides in menus. But it also goes the other way - take web browsing for instance - Edge on Windows has the browser options in a dialog that you bring up from the side menu, Safari on iOS doesn't even have the options for the browser in that program at all, you have to go into an entirely different program and find Safari to get to its options.

It's not that one is better than the other, both have their advantages and disadvantages in certain areas which is why one is not a wholesale replacement for the other.

Comment Re: Apple doesn't get it (Score 1) 279

How are executables shared if one is ARM based and the other x64 based?

Executables aren't shared precisely due to the architectural differences. GP wrote that "code" is shared but code is then compiled into architecture-specific exectuables. That code can be compiled into an executable for any hardware that supports its requirements and those of its dependencies.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't get it (Score 1) 279

They've got Adobe products and Microsoft Office on the iPad. Assuming you can connect to network shares from the iPad, it's just a matter of convincing people it's better than sliced bread and Apple's good at that.

What they need is file sharing between applications on the device. Not being able to work on one file in multiple applications is a real hindrance for productivity on iOS.

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 0) 508

What it does is answers your "you must have no experience of coding".

Yes I didn't take into account the fact that you might just be "old and set in your ways" and that is the reason you just say it is "irrational" despite the fact that there is no reason to say that.

And no, I'm not all set in my ways, that's just silly stereotyping.

Well it obviously isn't because despite your assertions a tablet with a keyboard is just fine for development in terms of the input mechanism and it certainly isn't lacking computational power, yet you still just say it is "irrational". I'm not sure what your agenda is or why you're pretending to have so much difficulty understanding that.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 0) 47

AMD said mantle was gonna be open source for since day one, did THEY ever release the source for it before killing development for it?

No they didn't, in fact "Open Source" is not even applicable to Mantle. They said it would be an open specification, however instead of creating yet another standard they decided to offer it as the basis for glNext (now Vulkan) for which the specification will be open, just like OpenGL.

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 0) 508

I've been a developer for 30 years. There's nothing in that post I am wrong about.

When you can't rebut valid arguments so your only response is "i'm old so i must be right" you lose all credibility. I get it, you're old and set in your ways, sorry but that doesn't change facts.

Comment Re:Can I jump ship yet? (Score 1) 88

Unlike you, most people are happy to either substantiate their arguments with facts or admit that they were wrong, not whine when the facts don't align with their argument. Though you've now proven you're too much of a simpleton to hit the little X on the notification so I shouldn't really expect rational thought from you.

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