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Comment Awesome, now stop the War on Ports (Score 4, Interesting) 337

Just bought a MacBook, because OSX is the ultimate Unix development platform. But I also had to buy a Gig-E dongle, and if you buy a MacBook Air, you have to buy a USB-C dongle, and an Ethernet Dongle, and none of your thunderbolt accessories work anymore.

The dudes at the Apple store say, "everything will be wireless eventually" well that's a great theory, but 1) It's not wireless right now 2) Even if it were, in a high density office environment, there is simply not enough wireless spectrum allocated in the USA for 200 users in a 35,000 ft^2 space to have a Gig-E wireless connection.

So stop the stupidity. Gig-E ports should be standard on your "Pro" models. Consumer or Home models, I understand the philosophy, but not on the Pro.

Comment Dog + Shotgun (Score 1) 212

When you are *present* on your property, a dog and a gun are simply the best protection for the price. A dog is equivalent to an advanced machine learning system that can tell when things are out of the normal. A pump action Mossberg has an incredibly low mtbf. The best approach to security is layerd: Dog, shotgun, emergency plan, and basic security system. Don't try to overcomplicate it!

Comment Jealousy and Class Warefare in the USA (Score 1) 594

Reading this article, it's strangely reminiscent of the events in Ferguson... It appeals to the uneducated over a topic as old as wealth itself: class warefare. Why do you need to hate on successful people? Yah, some people get lucky and are born into a rich family. But I know at least 20 people whose parents were not well off, went to school, worked hard, and are now pulling six figures a year. Stop lusting over what others have. This isn't the hunger games: a rich space tourist isn't robbing you of anything.

Look at your own money spending habits... That $600 iphone with the $100 plan a month would be better spent in your retirement savings... The money you're throwing at that new Prius that you have 19% interest on could have been spent on a 1995 Geo with the same gas mileage (or a motorcycle, in which case, you'd look cool too). You had to have that new MacBook pro. You have to have the latest in skinny jeans. You eat out every night of the week. You insist on "organic" when you don't even really know what that means.

Want to go to space in a plane? No one is preventing you from being rich. You're just act like a poor person.

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