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Comment Re:CPU not compatible (Score 3, Informative) 176 176

I rand into this issue with windows 8.1 and my Q8400 on an Intel DP35DP motherboard (actual Intel manufactured board). You can see this article for details, given your similar hardware it's likely rooted in the same or a similar cause.

Link: http://www.pcworld.com/article...

Comment Power Outages... (Score 1) 870 870

Yeah, that's great and all, but does it store 2 weeks worth of power? Where I live I've had power outages that have gone on for 7-12 days multiple times in the past 5 years. I still need to be able to get back and forth to work, drop off the kids at daycare, etc. I can't be stranded because my vehicle won't hold enough travel capacity.

Comment Just another euphemism... (Score 1) 432 432

The term 'gig economy" is just a euphemism for day laborer. We did this back before unions when there would be lines of people waiting to work, if you got hurt or sick they tossed you out with the rest of the rubbish and hired another replaceable and worthless person to take your place. Is this really what we want to go back

Comment Juat another euphemism... (Score 5, Interesting) 432 432

The term 'gig economy" is just a euphemism for day laborer. We did this back before unions when there would be lines of people waiting to work, if you got hurt or sick they tossed you out with the rest of the rubbish and hired another replaceable and worthless person to take your place. Is this really what we want to go back to?

Comment I'd like to respond in corporate terms... (Score 1) 408 408

Greetings Mary Ann Turcke:

I'd like to discuss your assertion of Canadians "stealing" Netflix. Since the common language of us peasant folk isn't something you can decipher, I'd like to explain these events in a language you can understand. Please do bear with me as CEO speak isn't my native language;

What we actually have here is just an instance of your consumer associates controlling costs by outsourcing entertainment laden data packets to "friendlier" regions. I'm sure this is a business practice you are familiar with as your parent company, BCE, utilizes this same strategy to control non-profit generating business expenditures. By outsourcing these entertainment laden IP packets, your consumer associates have significantly improved their cost efficiency, freeing up additional resources that can be used to improve other areas of their business. To maintain your status as a premier content provider, it would be wise to observe and adapt to recent market trends in the "over-the-top" entertainment industry.

I hope that my rudimentary command of CEO speak has helped you gain a better understanding of the situation at hand.

Joe what-goes-around-comes-around Consumer

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 374 374

Fair enough, that is your choice...

Many people running XP said the same thing, but frankly XP was WAY out of date in 2014 when it EOLed.

7 was worth the upgrade, Vista was easily skipped. 8.0 was easily skipped, 8.1 is worth the upgrade in some situations.

10 will be worth it. 7 is getting long in the tooth.

If you honestly run 7 until 2020, it is going to be just as bad as XP was last year.

I use windows Media Center daily with a HD-Homerun Prime. Let's see, I can pay my cable company $20/month for 2 boxes plus another $10/month for a DVR "service fee" (as if the box I'm renting that has a HD already in it requires a special "service"), for a total of $30/month -or- I can use my existing HTPC/Xbox360 extender and pay $1.50/month for a cable card, saving me $28.50 (plus tax) a month. I've had the setup for about 3.5 years, saving me about $1150 in fees, so even taking into consideration the cost of the computer, HD Homerun, and network equipment I'm ahead a lot of money - plus I also OWN another computer which also does have value. That's not even taking into consideration additional benefits like recording capacity (2TB in HTPC vs 500GB DVR), the ability to watch TV on *any* PC, plus use a $50 secondhand Xbox 360 as a media extender to replace the need for a second cable box, and the much faster/easier interface of Media Center compared to the TV providers dreadful interface. Yeah, sorry - I'm not looking to lose media center any time soon. If media center or another similarly functioning program is not available I'm simply not going to upgrade. End of story.

Comment If both are backed by the same entity.... (Score 1) 294 294

If both are backed by the same entity, specifically the faith of government X, why the hell should their e-currency be any more valuable than their paper currency? If I was lying to you what difference would it make if I wrote it down on paper or sent it via text message?

Comment As a resident of NY... (Score 3, Interesting) 203 203

New York's three airports, run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, made about a half a billion dollars in profit last year. Why not use that money? Oh wait, they use it to pay for loss-making operations like the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown. New York City's mass-transit system is $15 billion short of what it needs to invest over the next five years. The state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority runs permanent deficits and depends on billions of dollars each year in tax subsidies to stay afloat. Personally I feel the rates for the mass-transit system should be raised to meet the financial demands of running that service. We'd have plenty of money to resolve the airport issue, *without* needing to worry about siphoning taxpayer dollars.

Comment Re:"Not intentional". Right. (Score 1) 370 370

Maybe this is a harbinger of things to come where IoT devices in general would need firewalled due to privacy and security concerns.

I've been doing this for years. I run my own camera system as a VM using zone minder. My firewall rules are set to drop all packets originating from any of the cameras or the zoneminder server. My "Smart TV" only has selected hosts permitted outbound through the firewall, everything else is dropped. For remote access I VPN into my network and have access to resources once I'm in, everything else is dropped. Whitelisting is far superior to blacklisting.

Comment We need to take this seriously... (Score 1) 421 421

Every Ebola virus host (infected individual) is a vector for the virus to evolve. If it becomes airborne we're fucked. The world is so interconnected now that it wouldn't wipe out 50%+ of a continent, but 50%+ of the global population. We need to crush this before this virus has that chance to evolve, even if it is a low chance as the impact would be horrendous.

IMO is especially troubling as Ebola is an RNA virus. RNA viruses have short generation times and relatively high mutation rates (on the order of one point mutation or more per genome per round of replication for RNA viruses). This elevated mutation rate, when combined with natural selection, allows viruses to quickly adapt to changes in their host environment. Notable human diseases caused by RNA viruses also include SARS, influenza, and polio.

Comment List of Banks (Score 4, Informative) 61 61

Bank of America
Associated Bank
America’s Credit Unions
Etrade Financial Corporation
US bank
Banco de Sabadell
Farmers & Merchants Bank
TD Bank
For anyone wondering....

Fifth third bank
Wells Fargo
ING Direct
M&T Bank
RBC Royal Bank
Bank BGZ
United Services Automobile Association

Source: http://blog.avast.com/2014/09/...

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