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Comment: Scala (Score 1) 131

by evolseven (#29992322) Attached to: On-Demand Video + CMS + Interactive Input For Museum?
While I dont work for Scala themselves, I do work for a reseller company. Check them out They are far and wide the easiest solution out there, Editing is done from an interface called the designer, where branches can be created, events can be acted upon. You upload this data to a content manager which pushes all the data out to your digital signs. You can update all of the signs remotely given that they have network access to the content manager.

Comment: Re:Age distribution? (Score 1) 299

by evolseven (#18746185) Attached to: Females Outnumber Males Online
I guess I don't understand the problem with light prejudice. Cultures are different. There is a distinct black culture, and also a distinct white culture. This can be extended to mexicans, asians, indians, arabs, africans. I don't think it serves anyone to pretend that race makes no difference, because honestly it does. Not saying we have to treat each other differently based upon races, but if you pretend there is no cultural differences its like plugging up your ears and going lalalala. Anyway yes some people will break from the mold but at the same time, the race/culture that you belong to shape you and define you in some ways, maybe not completely, but they definitely are a part of who you are.

Anyway the point I try to make is that recognizing cultural differences is not bad. Hate because of racial differences is.

Does It Matter Where Open Source is Based? 100

Posted by Zonk
from the good-anywhere dept.
munchola writes "CBR has created a map of current open source software providers that contradicts the recent assertion of Alfresco's Matt Asay that "open source is not a Silicon Valley phenomenon". That statement has prompted a debate about the importance of location, involving Asay, Robert Scoble, and Dana Blankenhorn. A closer look shows that open source is very much a Silicon Valley phenomenon."

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