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Comment: Re:So does this mean... (Score 1) 261

by evilbessie (#49110439) Attached to: Linux Kernel Switching To Linux v4.0, Coming With Many New Addons

They make more sense than most, as you get a new version every 3 months or so, which either increases the minor version number or occasionally as in this case the major version number. Patches come with the 3rd number. This easily makes more sense than almost all others, Java's numbering scheme seems like it was designed by Kafka, who knows where nvidia generate their driver numbers from.

So you don't get particular milestones in minor or major version number changes, you get a degree of stability when new will exist and a reliable, predictable change. It makes more sense than the 2.6.xx scheme.

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 289

Wow, some people would like the same rights as you have, they are not reducing your rights, not forcing you to be nice to anyone, just that they want to be equal. There are morons in the world in all parts of it, if it doesn't affect you and your so precious rights I don't get why you care.

Next you'll be saying that shops shouldn't put ramps in, because fuck anyone who can't walk up 2 steps. It's shameful that you can't see why what you have said has been interpreted how it has.

Comment: Re:The same way many global warming papers got pub (Score 1) 109

No, you seem to not understand how English works, there are many correct spellings for things, for the most part ignoring diacritics. Dictionary's are a record of how a language is used not a unchanging tome (French excepted). If that's how people spell the word and others understand it, that IS the correct spelling.

Comment: Re:That's a risk you take investing (Score 1) 120

Bad analogy. Say I buy a freezer, which the manufacturer advertises as being -20C using 10W but it's only a -10C freezer and uses 20W. I would be entitled to my money back if I notify them I am not happy with the goods within a reasonable time, or after a period a part refund as I have had some use of the device.

It's just trade descriptions and sale of goods not investment. That the device is a magic money machine isn't actually relevant at all, someone sold a device saying it could do X, purchaser has found it does less and X, purchaser should be entitled to a refund for the cost of X not for the lost magic money the purchased device could have made if it has been to spec.

I doubt America has anything as sensible as the Sale of Goods Act or the Trade Descriptions Act.

The issue is fundamentally the sale of hardware, unless you can show this caused you material harm (not enough gain is not harm) you should not be entitled to compensation.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 4, Insightful) 263

by evilbessie (#46476515) Attached to: Mt. Gox Knew It Was Selling Phantom Bitcoin 2 Weeks Before Collapse

Is fraud not specifically doing things against regulations? Without any form of regulation at all it wouldn't be fraud. The SEC are the police but they are paid by the people they police, if not actually being the same people. Bad policing of regulation isn't a problem with the regulations and to draw such comparisons hides the nature of the problem.

Comment: Re:Get up early if you want (Score 1) 462

by evilbessie (#45354281) Attached to: Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like

Well that's lovely, other than at above about 50 degrees the winter sun is maximum of 8 hours but in the summer you get 16 hours, actually moving it in the summer makes sense so you make more use of the available light (you could change your wake up time by 1-5 minutes a day, or move the clock once, most people tend to get up at the same time each day). But it not getting light until 10am in the winter (with DST still applied) just so it can get dark at quarter to five seems really silly. It makes a lot more sense to then have mostly continuous systems countrywide to ease any confusion.

Comment: Re:It's really dumb once you understand the purpos (Score 1) 462

by evilbessie (#45346353) Attached to: Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like

But sunset and sunrise can change by 5 minutes a DAY, which is pretty stupid if you have to reset your clocks every week, enough people forget to do it now. Yes lots of clocks are automatic now but many (annoying ones mostly) are not and people do like their heating on at sane times and the car clock to be mostly right. It's a dumb plan in every conceivable way.

Hell it'll never change there is already enough anger about leap seconds and they happen at most twice a year...

Comment: Re:Sounds more like a mockery (Score 1) 40

by evilbessie (#44754729) Attached to: IBM Uses Internal Kickstarters To Pick Projects

But then do you not have to evaluate all the unsuccessful stuff. How do you quantify the rapidly prototyping with a 3D printer vs. slower prototyping, which out of necessity is only going to be used on well formed ideas and the various success rates. It's pretty hard maths and it's only by judicious use of these tools can maximum benefit be obtained.

And even if you could do this you wouldn't be measuring anything, you'd be estimating.

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