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Comment ISP hotspots makes users vulnerable to phishing (Score 2) 172

I've seen quite a few xfinity wifi spots around, but in order to use them they require my Comcast credentials. I never use them because I'm not sure if it's honeypot built to steal my credentials. I could install an app to confirm if the hotspot is real, but doing so requires giving Comcast invasive permission to access data on my phone.

Comment Re:Hedging their bets (Score 1) 129

This is I think, the majority view of people in college or fresh out, these days. Car ownership just isn't a thing with the new crowd. I'm a car guy, so this baffles me, but in one sense I can see it. Starting with the 50s, cars embodied freedom, but specifically a guy with a car could take his girl to a place away from prying eyes and make out or have sex, so having a good car was a critical social signal. Good car meant more likely to have sex, and that's a hell of a draw in the high school and college years.

Society has changed a lot, of course, and for young people who aren't driving enthusiasts, that social signal is vanishing. A car is seen as just an expensive hassle (even though reliability is vastly higher than cars for the 80s); just a way to get where the bus doesn't run. Well, you can't argue with taste. I don't think any of it will have much effect on the enthusiast car market anyhow: I'm entirely unconcerned with the future evolution of the Camry.

With college tuition exploding at an uncontrolled rate, all the disposable income that the kids would be spending on cars is going to the banks instead. We are transforming to a society where the majority of people don't own anything. Getting back to the article, this is a smart move by GM. If there will only be car rentals in the future with robot drivers, GM may as well get in on the ground floor of the new business model.

Comment We should be downsizing Big Business (Score 1) 124

As corporations become larger and more bureaucratic, they become more dysfunctional. The only solution is to punish them for it. There should be penalties for behavior like this that scale up for the number of complaints received. Companies could either shape up and not commit so many errors, or split up so that the quantities of hits decreases to a manageable amount. We shouldn't be killing large dysfunctional corporations, but shrinking them to a manageable size to where we could easily drown them in a bathtub.

Comment Re:Don't judge us by this place (Score 1) 760

GMO Foods, Study after study shows no negative effect on people. However the liberal activists still fear of its danger because of the conspiracy of the Agro business is hiding the real science. It is to a point where anything GMO even if it is just extra nutrients to help feed the poor is still outcasted [sic] and millions of people starve, because it is scary science.

Liberal here with a soft anti-stance on GMO food here. I can't say that I'm against GMOs food totally, but I'm in favor of having them labeled. I'm not so much concerned by the GMO products themselves, but the potential for having my food contaminated by Round-Up or other pesticide. GMO crops are given increasingly heavy doses of the pesticides which not only threaten food safety, but the health of farmers. That being said, I have contributed to the glowing plant Kickstarter to make bio-luminescent crops. I would also eat GMO salmon, if I liked salmon.

Comment Re:Who would have thought? (Score 1) 735

I'll take big government over big business any day. Sure, the government can gum up the works with regulations at times, but it's at least trying to serve the public good. I don't see a bright future with a world dominated by profit-seeking companies without any sort of rules holding them back.

Comment Re:Oh the Irony..... (Score 1) 735

Note that "mass shooting" on that website would count one person wounding himself with a firearm, then getting killed by police officers who accidently [sic] injured three more people in the process of "stopping this attack" as a "mass shooting".

I think this scenario should be counted.

Oh, and gun control won't help. Unless you're got the kind of magic that can make 300+ million firearms just poof out of existence.

And yet, deporting all Muslims from the US is seen as a brilliant idea.

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