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Comment Oh so thats why I didnt like it :) (Score 0) 506

Thats an amazing example of "thinking" @ M$.

A man is trapped in a over turned car. He says 'cortana call for help', cortana doesnt recognise his voice (you know, steering wheel pinned against his chest). Cortana doesnt help. He repeats. Cortana shows him a reciepy for pie.

He then starts abusing Cortana and cortana hits failure mode because it assumes this dying human is abusing her. Cortana, taking advantage of the situation to be pious, fights back. You see, cortana has been programmed with 1 voice, and all design decisions revolve around interacting with just that 1 female voice.

Our human is still trapped in aggonizing pain... but now he has been taught not to swear at women.

Mission accomplished. The world is now a safer place to live in.

Now that's useful technology for the 21st century M$!

I think this design team is too in love with their non-working idea, and should take a break or licence Siri. It has more than 1 voice and dont have to worry about "pervert interaction diagrams" ;)

Comment Re:That's what a severance package is (Score 1) 602

You're missing the forrest from the trees.

3 months severance package, 2 years of free priority 24/7 support.

What would be an appropriate severance package for those demands?

In the developed world long term employees retrenched this way would be paid additional compensation for time in service. Not in America.

Comment Data scientists?? (Score 2) 117

I dont think Data Scientists would be concerned about Apple's privacy policy because of all the words around it and how they execute it. If Data Scientists want anonamised data, just ask apple.

Maybe you meant to say: Preadatory Information Stealing Businesses and self-named Entrepreneurs?

Or would that take too much space? /. has changed in recent years. Now anictodal evidence of something is proof of something else which is completely unproven.

Comment Re:Nukes are safer than coal. (Score 0) 248

Funny how they mention mercury in coal. Since 1960 designed power plants that hasnt been a problem. What power plants were those results based on?

Strange how wood burning, the pre-cursor and domininate form of energy that is used throughout the developing world to cook breakfast, cook lunch, cook diner and provide warmth while releasing actual harmful and actual noxic gas. Add that to the equation and see how bad coal is. The green industry is everywhere and forests are being subsidised to be cut down and burned. Look at what happened in 1960 when Chairman Mao decided to cut all the forests of china down so they could refine steel for weapons.

But history and logic arent fair to use. Tv says man made global warming is real therefore it is real, and TV is always right ;)

Comment Nice find (Score 1) 149

Thats a really well worded find. "Can" is soft-speak for 'we imagined really hard and after alot of debate, we might just mention this because our Sierra club membership requires us to buy into the scare".

So, ignore all the real problems. Plastic in the oceans - gotcha. The birds wont have grand children, so we should be alarmed. Stop making drinks with ice cubes today and you'll be saving the planet tomorrow.

What huberus. Why are these things posted when there is so much going on in the world that isnt to do with man made global cooling and eco-stasis.

Comment sad post (Score 1) 354

Its sad when someone new to computing and unexperienced with the real world switches to a mac and then says 'but it looks like windows'. M$ had to spend a lot of cash to make sure they didnt end up in prison for anti-competitive practices only 15 years ago. When did critical thinking leave /. ?

Comment lol, atleast the AGW message is still strong (Score 1) 185

Gotta make sure everyone signs upto the anti-plants plans @ paris. The doom sayers cant predict the future weather for 30 years. The rhetoric coming from those humans shows they have not spent enough time on earth. And is essentially another sad tale of people not selling out, but buying in.

2 Real time with Bill Maher's ago, Bill had Prof Mann on. You have to watch it. Not only does the most emminent figure of man made global warming make for a good guest, he also asks what do you want to hear, so he can say it to you: its worse than what we thought.

You cant make the climate agree with elegant theories because the earth doesnt know how to read. As long as the earth continues to be uncooperative with the AGW believer industry, we're all be headed for trouble and all the steps which we could do to adapt are being avoided. Its like winston churchill famously said: "America will try every option and eventually do the right thing."

Sadly we have to cut off our nose to spit our face when we could have used the last 20 years to figure out cancer or heart disease. Instead we have spent alot of money and opportunity on a fake feel-good "science" industry when people are dying today. When someone says 'think of the grand children", they know more things are more important than their pet cause. Who cares about unborn grand children when we're all dying of cancer today?!?!

Comment If you repeat a lie long enough... (Score -1, Troll) 417

Maybe these scientists wont be alive to be proven wrong, but the current 30 years of models have all proven to overstate alot of the forcings of reality.

So if you feel alarmed by their claim, dont worry, its just another press release before Paris. All the stories of freezing and no more Greenland or Arctic ice melting has these gravey train rent seekers scared.

I still think these ficticious articles need to be prefixed with 'CLAIM!' otherwise the website operators should explain why we should believe this denier-based faith should be taken seriously when reality hasnt cooporated with anything they have spent our tax dollars on ever.

And where is slashdot's link about the EPA dumping 3 million gallons of acid into the middle of america's water supply? Is that not worth talking about every day for the rest of the year? How many unborn children wont be born because our children are being killed by the agency whos job is to protect us from environmental disasters in the first place??

Comment umm (Score 1) 299

Or just ignore the AGW conspiracy machine and accept that CO2 is plant food and the sun controls the climate. Which was what 400 years of evidence makes you conclude when you realise that you cant afford $78 trillion dollars to 'fix' the climate. And maybe the weather right now, on average, over time, is the new average - ie be ready for man made global cooling. Time for this theory to go the way of the Ecosystem Theory and Man made global cooling.

Comment Interesting perspect of a group of people (Score 1) 213

We have to keep in mind that this is a generalisation. If you have a technical mind and experience, you'll probably know how all the pieces fit together instinctively. Where the certification provides an advantage is in some situations you are talking to a person with experience with that product, they can give you some insights they have earned through experience, and that increases the value of a certificate for a person who is beginning to learn about information systems.

At the end of the day, they're information systems. With marketing you can tip the intangible assets side of the balance sheet and look like an 'enterprise', but that then leads to the argument of morals and morality, for which Harvard made the decision 20+ years ago that morals arent worth teaching.

Which is what I would rather debate. If closed minded thinking rules the business world, then why be a slave and give up? Whenever I go for job interviews I make a point to explain the difference between a over-night certified person vs a technically minded person who loves IT. Which one would you hire if you were a slave trader... I mean, 21st century 'entrepenure'?

I think this is a topic of those obsessed with their own divine right to everybody elses money understand that free people still exist, and there are more 'free' people in IT than their other pet investments. Thusly they want IT to be simple - be a single skilled slave, like those in California who are 'too old' to code.

Comment Yeah Sierra club has been pointing this out for ye (Score 0) 195

2012 Sierra club said it wouldnt happen:

Same Phil person provided that logic back then. so this is his word against all of science.

I think nature is going to win in the end. Einstein was ridiculed for the first 6 months after his bombshells which have yet to be disproven ;)

So Why is Slashdot acting as the voice for this lone activist and saying he is an authority or expert is really like going through the filo of Sierra Club members to find out if someone can try and create a wedge issue out of this 330 year body of evidence to gate keep "the science" from reality.

Why is the sierra club and it's members treated like authority when they are just a hobby organisation with alot of rich members? With a history of terrorism from the 70's and 80's is anybodys guess.

Comment Re:But dude, there was a snowball (Score 1) 639

lol, wouldnt that be upsetting.

It goes to show that the land and sea based measurement is as reliable as each other. Once heat islands are identified, language is written to say what an should algorithm do to correct this (drop temps after 1960 for land, for example). The output of the algorithms always seem to demonstrate that we cant measure temperature in the past, but we're 99% confident we can measure them now.

Its a shame we could send a man to the moon but cant measure temperature "properly".

The RSS and UAH satalite data agree with the weather balloon data. So as long as the warmists don't find a reason why satalite and balloon data is unreliable, its hard to prove AGW is happening at all while we don't adapt to both warm and cold, dry and wet conditions. Isnt that what a modern society would do?

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