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Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 1) 897

by evil mr. paws (#39398427) Attached to: How To Crash the US Justice System: Demand a Trial
This is precisely what happened to someone I know-- they have a problem knee and it caused a near-stumble during a balance test (during which the cop was screaming abuse into their ear...) Never mind that they had passed a blood alcohol test- lawyer's advice was to plea bargain because the prosecutors were gunning for a conviction anyway (?!?), and if they won the consequences (lost license, fines etc) would be much, much more horrendous than the 'light' plea bargain penalty.

Comment: Re:Fucking magnets (Score 1) 356

by evil mr. paws (#39309601) Attached to: Startram — Maglev Train To Low Earth Orbit
There's this wonderful idea called SIMULATION, one of the foundations of MODERN ENGINEERING. Posts like the OP I'm replying to just depress the hell out of me. Why? ==> THESE SIMULATIONS ALREADY EXIST and in maybe 2-3 minutes your education might actually be catching up to your opinions.

Comment: Re:D.O.A. (Score 1) 67

by evil mr. paws (#38849663) Attached to: Mars-Bound Probe Serves As Radiation Guinea Pig
Ages ago, a potential solution for this was proposed: use an Earth and Mars grazing/crossing asteroid (see for a list). Since there are several asteroids which have been shown to be rubble piles, it should be possible to find similar candidates from the above list; these could be (relatively easily) burrowed into and the radiation problem would then be solved, at least for the asteroid-hitchhiking portion of the trip. An ambitious program could even imagine creating a cavern with enough room to have a small rotating spacecraft in there, alleviating the micro-gravity issue as well.

Comment: Code::Blocks (Score 1) 1055

by evil mr. paws (#28106407) Attached to: What Free IDE Do You Use?
A while back I toyed around with Eclipse (with the C++ add-ons); I eventually gave up on it since its behaviour was really erratic while attempting to debug programs, making it nearly impossible to do so. I'm sure I was doing something wrong, but nonetheless sometimes a configuration would successfully manage to get a debug session going, while at other times the same cfg would balk. I didn't care too much for the interface to the debugger as well. Dev-C++/Bloodshed is still good, even if it's a bit dated; my current favourite is Code::Blocks. It has a few bugs in it which need ironing out, but still it's a great IDE (cross-platform too). Note to the 1st /.er: I had a few problems with Code::Blocks crashing when I first installed it too. It would freeze on startup; I investigated with Process Explorer and found that I was accumulating instances of the MinGW compiler which would linger after the last failed start, and that if there were such the program would freeze again. I deleted them all and some of the freezes cleared up, but not all. Finally I moved the C::B init file into the same directory, dumped the registry entries into a file and then wiped them, re-installed them only for the current user (not sure if this was the cause)-- I haven't had any problems since. (?)

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