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Comment Let the grandparents raise the children (Score 1) 131

This is why we should be pushing teenagers to have children.

Absolutely. We need to encourage our children to have children at about 16, and and have us raise them. Then, when they are 32, and actually ready to raise children, they can have their children do the same.

Comment Employee/Employment marketplace (Score 2) 494

Don't employers attempt to negotiate salary requirements? If someone is currently unemployed is asking for 150k/yr might want to take 60k/yr given the choice between that and nothing. Would things be smoother if the Employee/Employment marketplace were more liquid?

Comment Re:Useless people prefer to talk. (Score 1) 601

Yes, there much chit-chat, but the chit-chat serves a purpose. Socializing with someone and building a relationship with them accelerates your ability to communicate with them when the real work needs to get done. However, time spent building those relationships may not be worth it if you don't end up needing to do real work together all that much.

Comment Re:Backwards processing (Score 2) 88

Inner layers are processed as you would expect. Etch resist is applied to the areas you want to keep, then copper is etched away. The outerlayers are different. The resist image applied to the board exposes the what you want to keep. It can be considered a "plating resist". The exposed image is then plated with copper (this is where the hole walls get plating) then tin. The resist is then removed. The tin then acts as the etch resist. It's a pain to etch through copper. That is why copper plating is only applied to where it is needed.

Comment Re:Sure, if it includes EVERYBODY (Score 1) 467

Even if everybody is tracked this information is available to everyone, it still isn't fair to individuals. Everyone can watch and pick apart the lives of an individual, but an individual cannot watch everyone else at the same time to the same degree.

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