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Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 1) 363

I don't think they're equal (left and right's responsibility and effective outcomes against the relative CO2 emissions), but I won't bother arguing that because there's plenty of the internets to do that elsewhere.

What I will say is that I don't think it's correct to compare China and the entire West's percentage of CO2 emissions. It is smarter to focus on reducing emissions in your own country and be a leader in doing so, regardless of that. The technology will slowly but steadily build up to make it more efficient. The costs will go down in the long term, even if they are expensive in the short term.

Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 2) 363

You've conflated too many groups, i.e. cherry picked data, in order to fit the evidence to your world view.

The non-teaparty population is composed of everyone... liberals, conservatives, and whatevers. Those websites are right-leaning and show that you are looking for evidence in places that fit your world view. It says that tea-partiers are more scientifically aware than conservatives as well.

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad that tea-partiers are slightly more scientifically aware, because I'm glad when anyone is more scientifically aware.

Comment Re:Sucks (Score 1) 431

Saying that removing illegal immigrants will cause poor welfare Americans to start working in fields is like saying keeping the death penalty will stop people from killing each other. It's a conservative fantasy without any evidence (and actually evidence to the contrary).

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1083

As a gay person, I can tell you that debates of these statistics - "How many people are actually gay?" - is a popular discussion in gay circles. Many gay people think that the number is closer to 20% because, frankly, they've experienced things that lead them to believe that, such as having sexual encounters with self-identifying straight people, and confessions of people that they wouldn't tell anyone else.

But what is gay? Just one same-sex encounter out of ten thousand opposite-sex encounters? What if you like it sometimes, or at one point in your life, but not others?

In this, I defer to the Nazis as always. They were very very meticulous about their sociographic statistics, what with their racial theories and all. They found that around 8% of the German population was gay. That number seems about right to me.

Comment Re:His writings will be studied. Linus is legend. (Score 1) 323

He was mad that GitHub wasn't enforcing this policy with all projects, even though it's absofuckinglutely unnecessary. And if you look at the page, he was writing a post with manual 72-ish line breaks inside an HTML context (GitHub comments), making it look stupid.

Comment Re: One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337

My observations:

1. Overall, UI+Navigation takes longer. There's more manual lifting to write non-standard page elements. Writing margins and locations directly in code instead of by layout managers, etc.
2. Crashes are harder to track down. This is probably true for ANY environment that's C-based.

Swift will probably close the gap, especially for #2.

Comment Re:His writings will be studied. Linus is legend. (Score 1) 323

One thing that he was absolutely wrong about: his insistence that commit messages be wrapped to 72 characters. The summary is that he railed against the idea that display tools (like HTML) should automatically wrap text because humans know better how to wrap text.

Why the 72 character limit? So it appropriately works on 1960's display technology.

Oh, and the hilarious thing about this is that he word wrapped his own HTML text in the very Gtihub post, making it display wrong in the web browser, while everyone else's text looks correct at the right width as prescribed by the page's CSS rules.

Comment Re: Quiet schmiet, frosty already (Score 1) 337

He's right, though. From a language purist perspective, Javascript is an awful language. The fact that 009 entered into a textbox doesn't translate into the number 9 is a historical flaw that is purely a language failure. Just because it's popular doesn't make it good. And that's the argument that's going on here.

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