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Comment: Re:Is Bitcoin trace-able ? (Score 5, Insightful) 327

by eugene2k (#41163715) Attached to: Large Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapses With a Loss of $5.6 Million

It's traceable, but it's not easy to trace. I remember there was a paper on the traceabilty of bitcoin transactions. Google it if you're interested.

P.S. If you were to scam ppl using bitcoin, right now you can probably get away with it, because complaining to the authorities won't help you in any way.


+ - Make Leisure Suit Larry come again-> 2

Submitted by eugene2k
eugene2k writes: It seems more and more famous developers are jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon. First there were Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert with their Double Fine Adventure project, then Brian Fargo decided to create a Wasteland sequel, and now Al Lowe and team decided to remake Leisure Suit Larry. They even promise to port the game to platforms such as iOS and Linux if they exeed their goal of $500000.
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