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Comment: Re:thoughts (Score 1) 5

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49176603) Attached to: I owe Bill Dog continuation, Prius Hack ideas

1) That might be part of my problem- I have had trouble to adjusting to the "light touch" needed for proper prius hypermiling video game playing. I have always been a bit of a leadfoot, and so I do have a problem with rabbit starts.

3) Yeah, that's probably the reasoning. I use it in 25 to 35 zones all the time though, and it really increases my mileage numbers, but that's related to my comment 1 above.....

7) that would take a heck of a jumper cable to deliver the 273 volts and who knows how many amps to spin M1.

And thanks to looking that up, I found this Emergency Response guide which does not say what to do if you run out of gas in a prius.

Here's a bit on what a hassle bricking a prius by running out of fuel + electricity is- nobody in America has done it yet, but I could easily see somebody accidentally leaving the car turned on when parking it (I've done it myself) in which I give it about a week before it's dead.

User Journal

Journal: I owe Bill Dog continuation, Prius Hack ideas 5

Journal by Marxist Hacker 42

Bill's last set of answers, and my answers to his answers

>>1. The only reason to run the gas engine under 25 miles an hour [â Typical residential speed limit] should be for recharging and generating, period. EV mode only at low speed.

>And Toyota may have started out planning on along those lines, but may have gotten focus group research that indicated people preferred a little more acceleration.

Comment: Out of the books before Gygax left in '85... (Score 2) 64

by HBI (#49170283) Attached to: Games Workshop At 40: How They Brought D&D To Britain

Fiend Folio was the dumbest. Some of the monsters were really lame, and the nicer ones were mostly inclusions by TSR US, such as the Nycadaemon which had already appeared in D3 (Vault of the Drow). I have a close to 30 year continuity on my 1ed campaign and I rarely touch the Fiend Folio.

Comment: Re:Zombies versus Predators (Score 1) 243

I personally have never killed anything larger than a bug in my life; I suspect a lot of other people haven't either. I've never had to, because there have always been other people who are willing to do those unpleasant tasks for me, in exchange for modest amounts of money.

You're safe; I'm sure in our dystopian zombie future, the phones will still need sanitizing.

The reason computer chips are so small is computers don't eat much.