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Comment: I would think more likely... (Score 2, Interesting) 287

by etiam.maior (#21506943) Attached to: Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills
...that if indeed the 'melting/exploding battery' came _first_, then he likely snapped his OWN ribs and spine reacting to it. i've seen such things come from grand mal seizures, and the involuntary muscle spasms that would come from such surprising agony right over one's heart could more than cause such breakages.

Operating Systems

+ - need to build a home server, and tired of Windows

Submitted by
etiam.maior writes "Here's the setup:

I've been a sysadmin in a mostly Windows world for 15 years. Done extensive work with all MS OSes, lots with the OLD days of Novell (3.x to 5.0a).

My home network has gotten smaller over the years...I'm down to about 4 machines now: my gaming rig, my wife's gaming rig/workstation, a random beige box for testing and various other explosively fun experiments, and a server.

My work has supplied me over the years with various 'server' OSes that I've run at home with varying degrees of satisfaction. This last build was Win2k3 that's been running for...close to three years I think.

Anyhow, I admin Windows servers in my sleep, and 2k/2k3 have been pretty good to me overall. However, I'm getting tired of the rebuild cycles and maintenance on the damn things, so I come to the Slashdot gurus to ask: What's me best alternative for ease-of-use?

I'm an old-school CLI guy, so *Nix doesn't really scare me much. And 'server' may even be a stretch...hell, I don't even run a proper domain at home any more really...I basically just want RAID support for file storage of various stuff, Ghost hosting, and occasional secure remote access from work/work on the road.

Ease of use and fire-and-forget-reliability are what I'm looking for. For the first time though, there's actually too MUCH data and too many choices to sort through to find a good answer..."

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