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Comment: Re:Of course (Score 3, Insightful) 581

by ethan961 (#40426257) Attached to: Nvidia Engineer Asks How the Company Can Improve Linux Support
Yes, it's their own fault that they're hindering the progress of the community. But corporations are corporations - the way I see it, we're lucky they're offering help at all in response to it, even if only to save their image. Truthfully I haven't bought Nvidia in years, it's been AMD/ATI for me for the last decade. Just remember that our wallets are the most powerful tool we have.

Comment: Re:Ugh, this makes me mad. (Score 4, Insightful) 581

by ethan961 (#40426179) Attached to: Nvidia Engineer Asks How the Company Can Improve Linux Support
I agree, helping the nouveau project would be greatly beneficial. My post was mainly referring to the general attitude some hold that nothing is ever good enough, and while it is true that the driver state is rather poor, potential for improvement exists. Instead of attacking Nvidia for their efforts, people should actually help and show them where to direct their resources. No, it may not involve the release of all their specs, but they can help in other ways.

Comment: Re:Ugh, this makes me mad. (Score 5, Insightful) 581

by ethan961 (#40425929) Attached to: Nvidia Engineer Asks How the Company Can Improve Linux Support
If this engineer knows that will never happen (through no fault of his own, higher-ups would have decided this) then at least he's making an effort. People can get upset all they want, but nothing other than good is going to come out of this, whether it's exactly what would be ideal or not. Some help is better than none.

Comment: Misleading title/summary (Score 5, Informative) 146

by ethan961 (#38522102) Attached to: HP TouchPad Go: $99?
Only a handful of these are known to exist and as far as anyone knows they never went past pre-production models. There is no warehouse full of them to get rid of in the first place, which is what the original HP Touchpad sale was about. HP's also not about to start making them, especially not to sell at a loss.

Comment: If only... (Score 1) 1

by ethan961 (#34152534) Attached to: Oracle monetizing Java
Oracle did not completely trash Sun while ripping off parts of it's freshly murdered corpse to sell for profit. It's come to a point where they're no longer just pissing open source people off, they're really taking Sun's products with market potential and trying to get cash out of them as soon as possible.

Comment: Re:Intellectual Property (Score 1) 374

by ethan961 (#34152474) Attached to: Porn Maker Sues 7,000+ For Copyright Infringement
One would hope that they see this case and sue their asses for not obtaining permission etc. I am personally disgusted at the amount of greed and suing going on in North America, but you know what, show the fuckers who's who and punish them for being the asshats they are being by suing all these people out of greed.

Comment: How is this YRO? (Score 1, Flamebait) 69

by ethan961 (#33492128) Attached to: UK's Royal Mail Launches First Intelligent Stamps
Okay, how the fuck is this YRO? Yet another indication of sliding Slashdot quality. How does this even have to do with the internet itself? No copyright stuff, no censorship, etc etc. How do these stamps affect our Internet freedom? If I didn't follow the Twitter feed and see occasionally interesting topics, I would be long done with this site.

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