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Comment: Re:Accepting Responsibility (Score 1) 349 349

I wouldn't go as far as to say they are saying that black people aren't smart enough to understand the situation, but I will readily agree that people are trying to work this up into something that it really isn't.

News flash, given their skin color, it is easier for black folks to be mistaken for apes in an image processing algorithm than white people. This just shows the algorithm isn't perfect. Write up a bug and make a test case.

Now that I think of it, I wonder how non-technical folks think that image recognition works. Maybe if you were ignorant on the subject, you might immediately think "OMG, they have racist programmers at Google." Of course, this is where responsible media outlets would point out that computers have zero prejudice and that image recognition is hard work.

Comment: Re:political speech (Score 1) 233 233

Or the defensive person knows how unreasonable and impressionable people are.

Granted the guy has totally went off the deep end and Striesand Effect-ed himself, but have you ever read the comments section on a local newspaper or TV station's website (or read /. at -1)? It's amazing we still have electricity and running water given those geniuses.

I agree that is what a reasonable person would do, but I would charge that most people aren't reasonable.

Comment: Re:I just got my cord back (Score 1) 160 160

Yep. I had just an antenna and was happy with it. And then I started following a local sports team. And for that reason alone I got cable TV. I would give it up tomorrow if I could just buy the games I wanted to watch a la carte. You can usually buy a special sports package for out of market games and then use a VPN to convince the servers you really are out of market, but I don't want to have to fool with that. Can't you just let me buy the games? Please????

That is really the last reason to have cable TV -- live sports.

Comment: Re:ISP choice? (Score 3, Insightful) 379 379

Um...yes! I do get a choice for electricity and gas provider at least.

The old monopoly (AEP/Columbia Gas) is in charge of maintaining the physical infrastructure, but I can buy the actual electrons/gas from anyone who wants to provide them. Sounds like exactly what we need in terms of infrastructure. The old monopoly handles the wiring, but anyone can provide services over the wires.

Comment: Re:That's like ... (Score 3, Insightful) 779 779

I think that is right, actually.

We know that women generally are under-represented in the STEM fields. Is that because women generally are simply less interested in those type of jobs due to genetics or is it because of environmental factors? I think there's a bit of both, but I have a hard time believing it's all nurture and no nature.

We know that women are over-represented in primary school education positions. Its the same thing reversed. I don't think men (on average) want to teach a bunch of 8 year olds, but there's probably some environmental factors there as well (you want to be around a bunch of little girls all day, what are you a pedophile?).

There is only a problem here to the extent that people are choosing not to study a particular field because they feel like they'll be a nerd or pedophile or whatever for choosing that field.

Comment: Re:How does deflating even help? (Score 1) 239 239

When a football is under-inflated it becomes easier to grip. There is more "give" to the ball. This would help in throwing more accurately and making catching easier. The effect on a ball-carrier fumbling is negligible.

In the NFL (and probably lower levels -- I know when I was in high school it was this way), each team supplies its own balls for when it is on offense. When the other team gains possession, the other team's balls come in play. In fact, one of the reasons this was detected is because the defense intercepted a pass and the player noticed that the ball was under-inflated. He gave the ball to his own equipment manager when he noticed it was not quite right.

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