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Comment Google Reader Way (Score 1) 316

Mozilla is doing what Google did to Reader, just getting something power users use a LOT and canning it without considering the impacts. They already have a diminishing user base, pissing off power users is not the way to solve it.

People don't use group tabs much, first because most don't open many tabs, second because they simply never advertised the feature that much, just a few weeks ago I showed this to a coworker who had no idea it existed, and he is a young EE quite savvy when it comes to internet stuff, so if someone like that don't know about, there is no way a common user would.

I only hope that, if they go on with this, a good extension will be provided, otherwise I'll have to go to pale moon or other, as currently I use both chromium and firefox opened at the same time in two different screens, and it is enough to not have this feature in chromium (never found a good extension), and I usually have well over 100 tabs scattered over half a dozen tab groups.

this is a big mistake, they want to make it easier to maintain, get rid of stuff like pocket or hello which nobody actually wants, and stop this race to the bottom with chrome, where you remove features and advanced access to the browser reasources and features.

Comment Re:That's not what "narrow" means (Score 2) 216

I don't know what happened in this accident, but there was another in North Carolina where a B-52 broke up in the air with two H-bombs a 3 of the 4 fail safes failed, furtunately the last one prevented the explosion, but was a very close call.

In this one it seems to have occured an explosion, which is why Pu was scatered, but it did caused fission or fusion of the materials.

Comment Re:Better question (Score 1) 99

Simple, no competition, AMD is almost dead and can't put out anything close to what intel can do, and intel it self will not drive prices down on a monopoly, so we will get same performance at the same price just with a different sticker, until the day mobile processors actually can get close to what a desktop can do.

Comment Re:Protect the children - but not from this or tha (Score 1) 381

I would comment a similar thing.
I can't understand quite why some people are so worried teenagers may watch porn, or even see a boob on TV (even though every one sucked on one for 1 year), but will quite happily let prime time TV show extreme violence, either real (news) or fake (series or movies).
If they are so worried that kids watching sex will repeat the acts, why they are not in a even more vicious "crusade" against all and any form violence on TV and internet?
Up to 50 years ago I could understand people have this kind of attitude, when pretty much sex was synonymous of pregnancy and the parents of the kid (the girl's parents only usually) would bear the cost of it, but for decades we have quite good anti-conceptional methods that (when used properly, of course) can pretty much eliminate the risk of undesired pregnancy and greatly reduce transmission of STD.
To me, if they want to legislate the content of porn site, it should be incentivizing use of condoms, pills, and other methods (facials are also good for pregnancy prevention hahaha).

Comment Re:Spec (Score 1) 81

Precisely, 4G was suppose to be up to 1Gbps, cell providers couldn't even get 100Mbps (where I live it goes to maybe 20Mbps in a good day far from downtown) but started advertising as 4G. Anyone want to guess what will happen? they will upgrade to some HSUDPA+++ that will not get to 1Gbps even in a test lab and will still sell it as 5G, will update the data caps to 10Gb, if that much, and will double the price.... and we suckers will buy it because cat videos.

Comment Re:Gray-market Nintendo smuggling (Score 1) 111

This is the real reason, they (as others before them) close shop here because the offical cannot compete with smugglers and people buying offshore. They probably won't lose one single sale, as it will be promptly replaced by gray market produce, and at a cheaper price, great deal for the consumer, except there is no warranty, but would be no different than before as consumer right here are a far cry from what is practiced in the US.
I don't by most of my electronics locally and so does anyone else, for example, iphone sales represent, IIRC, 0.4% of the phone market here, but I would say about a third of people I know owns one, none purchased here.

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