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Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 162

Since writing and sending messages has moved on to an everyday form of personal communication, it also requires a concise way to express tone and emotion a non-professional writer can manage.

You mean an idiot? Instead of expecting people to exercise their language skills, we're just enabling stupid people to be more stupid. Their last motivation to learn to speak properly was to communicate with other idiots like themselves, and emoji shits on that.

Meanwhile, they're actually a really shitty way to communicate, because they are far more difficult to tell apart on a small screen than are words. Emoji are stupid, and people who use them are stupid by extension. But we knew that, because if they weren't, they would have just written what they meant instead of using an ambiguous sad face fucking a duck.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 162

The Chinese, and to a lesser extent other Oriental and east Asian cultures, are what are driving the adoption of these new emoji.

No, just stupid ones. It takes a real idiot to think "this picture-writing system that we've got has been a stone around our neck limiting our ability to express complex thoughts for two thousand years... what we really need is another picture-writing system".

Comment Re:time for revolution (Score 1) 77

Without an army, where is the power?

You don't need a whole army to make people disappear in the night.

Oh look, 3 minutes between comments now. But I haven't been modded down. So did Slashdot detect that I was posting something objectionable and toad me? Or maybe an "editor" did it manually? Or has Slashdot just been fucked up again? Ah, now 4 minutes. So I presume I am now on the 5 minute delay, probably for my anti-Zionist comment. What the ever-living fuck, Slashdot? This is how you treat commenters whose karma is typically pinned to your pathetic post-revision maximum?

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 3, Informative) 116

I'm somewhat interested in visiting the US, but this kind of bullshit would absolutely kill any desire to go there.

It took this? Not our general policy of running around the world tampering with governments, murdering people, and blowing up cities for profit?

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 1) 61

Um, ever heard about containers, cloud images, disposable VMs, instant-on embedded appliances, etc. ?

None of which require the full suite of services which cause boot to be so slow. None of which will boot faster with launchd because the limited set of services depend on one another and so have to be started serially anyhow. None of which we are talking about right now, since we're discussing a desktop OS. None of which is relevant right now, so why did you bother?

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 516

The other thing of course is that the world has a long history of people blaming "the jews" for random shit and at best exiling them or at worst murdering them.

Yeah, the world has a long history of people blaming "the nazis" for shit that wasn't just done by Nazis, right? It was done by other Germans. It was done by "The Germans". That doesn't mean that all Germans are evil. It does mean that the evil that came out of Germany during a certain period wasn't just all Nazi. It was German. And the evil that comes out of the USA daily isn't just republican, or just democrat. It's all our responsibility.

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 2) 77

The "wild west" stuff with the settlers running the locals off their reservation even bounces it back into comparisons to the USA some time back.

This Land Is Mine.

Look, seriously, Nobody does ethnic cleansing like the Jews. You think the politicians who created the nation of Israel were aware of history? I'm sure they were. They put the Jews there just to shit on the natives. So far, so good, right? And We The People of the USA pour gasoline on that bonfire every year. Your tax dollars at work.

This is not to say that all Jews are bad people. It's to say that Zionism is another typical evil. You know, like the USA, founded on theft, rape, and oppression. What a surprise that today we are still stealing, raping, and oppressing... and funding genocide that we're too cowardly to handle ourselves. Genocide by proxy, that's the most convenient way!

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 336

As Germany has transitioned to having a significant part of it's energy production from renewable, its CO2 emissions have increased significantly too. For two reasons mainly: A move away from nuclear production based on a revival of the anti-nuclear religion after Fukushima. Coal fired power plants emit significantly more CO2 when run at significantly below capacity for long periods.

Comment Re:Sudo did this better 15 years ago (Score 1) 596

"su" was replaced for almost use by "sudo" shortly after its first release in 1999

I think you meant to say that it was replaced for most uses. What's great about sudo is that nothing happened to su. It's still there, and still works like you expect it to. systemd, on the other hand...

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