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Comment: How to start as a seller (Score 1) 115

by tepples (#47736483) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

The trick to using eBay is that the seller needs to have a lot of positive star ratings and has a recent selling history - as in they do this to make money, it's how they eat. Not someone with a 6 star rating who hasn't sold anything for months to years.

If all buyers followed this rule, how would a seller opening for business for the first time go about building enough feedback to get started, especially with eBay's slow start rules for new sellers?

Comment: Lose Internet and your food spoils (Score 1) 58

by tepples (#47736439) Attached to: Securing Networks In the Internet of Things Era

Companies [...] will stop making non-IoT enabled devices. [...] the devices will be designed not to operate without connecting to their "home base" advertising company.

Then there's an opportunity for a competitor to say in an ad "Do you want your food to spoil just because your Internet went out? You don't have to worry about that with a QSI refrigerator."

Comment: If no otherwise suitable phone is available (Score 1) 115

by tepples (#47736293) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?
Unless all smartphones on a carrier with service near your home and office and with the ability to run the apps that your employer requires have a battery not intended for end user replacement. Of course, one could "choose" not to take a job in the first place, but then complaining about not being able to find a job would bring accusations of not trying hard enough.

Comment: The standard 30 percent commission (Score 1) 49

by tepples (#47736185) Attached to: Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices

nobody wants to pay MS 30% of their revenue

Them explain applications in PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, Nintendo's eShop, Apple's App Store, Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, Steam, etc. Sometimes a 30% cut can be can be easier than buying SSL hosting, a merchant account, and store tech support staff, especially with the swipe fees that card processors charge for small purchases and the $5 setup fees that stores charge for MC/Visa/AMEX gift cards.

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