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Comment Reinforcement from... where? (Score 1) 148

I got that the AI uses reinforcement learning, but how does it know whether it is doing well or badly? Even assuming ALL these games show score as big numbers on the screen: Did the AI come pre-equipped with a "layer" that parses the pixel data to read the score? Or did it learn to read numbers all on its own?? Because if it's the latter, that's pretty darn impressive, and I don't see any indication of the former on the article or the paper.

Submission + - Follow Your Dreams, Or Maybe Don't. (

lars_doucet writes: I am filled with absolute terror whenever I get a message like this in my inbox:

"You inspired me to quit my job to make indie games!"

Following your dreams is crazy, scary, fraught with risk, and the kicker is ... you might not even want it as much as you think you do.
In this article, I discuss my mixed feelings on being a mid-level success in an industry where there are dark forces that prey on young Dreamers.

In short:
If you want to follow your dreams, first ask yourself what your dream really is and why you want to chase it. And if you decide to take the plunge, do it with your eyes open.

Comment Re:AMA (Score 1) 194

I don't agree. If Obama had even tried to fund his re-election campaign using the White House budget, he'd be in prison or worse right now. During the campaign, Maduro literally forced ALL TV and radio media to transmit pro-government events and messages FOR HOURS EVERY DAY. No joke.

Comment Re:All of their problems are part of the one issue (Score 1) 194

Not easy to fight oppression when the other side has all the media, all the money, all the weapons. It can be done, but the cost of lives would be in the thousands at least and will likely leave a permanent rift and hate among venezuelans. I would like to avoid that, and the OAS is supposed to be in place for exactly that reason.

Comment Re:AMA (Score 1) 194

This is very hard to predict. Foremost, I think there's no going back to the status quo. Either Maduro leaves office or is forced to make major concessions (tho some argue that the radicals in his clique simply won't let that happen), or the govt just plain completes its transition into overt military dictatorship with death squads and all.

Yes, the govt has shown every intention of escalating. Barring a military revolt, protesters simply don't have the weapons to match the level of force, but some are already becoming desperate and this could very well turn into a civil war soon.

Comment Re:AMA (Score 1) 194

There is a BIG difference between effective fundraising for your party and outright stealing from the STATE to fund your campaign. On top of that, Maduro moving up from VP to President after Chavez died, broke several major laws in the run-up to the election, including one that explicitly says he couldn't campaign from office. Also, Maduro barred segments of the population where he was weak from participating in the election (Miami residents, 30K+ and 18-yr olds, 100K+). On top of that, the Govt barred the oppo candidate from TV, both covertly and overtly.

And as the other reply stated, you completely omitted the part about irregularities.

Comment Re:This is true (Score 2) 194

How can Maduro possibly explain this with a straight face other than to admit that currency controls and confiscation of private property for redistribution to his supporters is not the way forward to economic prosperity?

State-controlled media, which is all most people have access to, have kept pumping propaganda about how the downturn is due to an "economic war" waged by the capitalists to damage the government. Over 15 years the govt has managed to create a polarized climate where, if you disagree with the government, you're lying b/c you're a CIA shill. The poor are inclined to believe the government not just because of the 24/7 propaganda, but because they're uneducated and the government very overtly gives them minor aid (while screwing them behind their backs using mechanisms they don't understand). It's a tragedy.

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