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+ - China's Underground Hotel: How many ways can this go wrong?->

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es330td (964170) writes "China is legendary for its pollution problems; pictures of cities in China wherein the haze is nearly impenetrable are spread generously around the internet. I want to know how on earth they plan to keep particulate pollution from settling in this hole and effectively suffocating the hotel guests. The pictures all show clear blue water in the man made lake, but my guess is that short of creating an artificial tornado in the hole Google Earth will never see the lake at the bottom for all the pollution above it."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: How can I find expertise for a game I'd like to develop? 4

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es330td writes "I'd like to write a program that takes the old cannon game to another level, but instead of the path being a simple parabolic arc, the projectile will move through a field of objects exerting gravitational attraction (or repulsion) and the player will have to adjust velocity and angle to find the path through the space between launch point and the target.In an ideal world, this would end up as one of these Flash based web playable games, as that would force me to fully flesh it out, debug and complete the app. I doubt this will ever be commercial, so hiring somebody doesn't make sense, and I wouldn't learn anything that way either.

I have been programming for almost 20 years, but the bulk of my work has been in corporate programming, primarily web (Cold Fusion, ASP & C#.Net,) or VB6 and then C# Windows GUI interfaces to RDBMS. I have never written a graphics based game, nor have I ever written something using the physics this will require.

Once upon a time, I could program in C but I think I would be much better off to work with someone rather than try to roll my own unless good books exist to flatten the learning curve.

Any advice on how to proceed?"

+ - Advice needed on moving beyond the "elf" r

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es330td writes "I've been doing network application design of some sort since 1995; my first full web application was a SQL Server 6.0 database running on Windows NT 3.5 with Cold Fusion 1.0 middleware served by O'Reilly's WebSite Pro. Since then I've done multiserver solutions using mixtures of Windows, Linux and AIX with code written in .Net, ASP, C, Perl & PHP. Although I can do all these things and many others, I am tired of writing code. The true enjoyment in my job is in the design of the solution. I like sitting down with clients, even the client is just a manager in another department, and analyzing their needs and processes and devising a solution. Once the problems are solved I can do the code but I'd rather just hand it off to some elf to do and move on to the next solution to design. I'd really like to find some kind of role that is more interaction with the consumer of the app and less of the implementation coding.

I am not expecting to make a move tomorrow, if it means taking a time to get a Master's degree or some kind of additional formal training I'm prepared for that, I just need to know what it is I need to be looking for in my quest.

I'm sure there are at least a few people who have taken it to the next level; is there any advice y'all can offer?"

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