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Comment I welcome the Ribbon (Score 1) 617

Let me be the N-th to welcome the Ribbon interface in OOo. It's something I've never used (and never will if only Office has it) and I'm looking forward to try it.

Now, if someone would be so kind and code vi bindings into OOo (or direct me to some existing extension, you see, I've googled for it, but failed)...

Well I suppose any FOSS editor prizing screen real-estate and supporting ODF would do, perhaps Abiword?

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 374

Actually it's much easier than that: all they need is to "sell" to the judge/jury the notion that they
"can" find the patterns. Because you can't supply the keys if you don't have them, you will always be guilty.

It's called "reversing the burden of proof" with a bit of "witch-hunt" in the mix.

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