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Comment: Re:A continent of difference (Score 1) 304

by erlando (#49145343) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I realize that the infrastructure of Denmark and the US is vastly different. But I think it has more to do with the mindset of drivers than the roads. Of course our cityplanners do take cyclists into account - there are specific lanes and roads for cyclists. We even have "bike highways" from the city center to the suburbs.

Comment: A continent of difference (Score 1) 304

by erlando (#49140645) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
As a European (in particular a Dane) I find the options hilarious. In Denmark, "Never" and "Rarely" would get few if any votes at all. We start to learn to ride a bike when we are about two years old. We bike everywhere. To school, to work, shopping, picking up kids etc. I get the impression that biking in the US is seen almost exclusively as a leisure activity. A bike is a toy. While we can and do bike as a leisure activity it's more the exception than the norm. A bike is a means of transportation.

Comment: Re:pronouncing www is a lot more of a problem (Score 1) 620

by erlando (#29745285) Attached to: Tim Berners-Lee Is Sorry About the Slashes

On the other hand, if you're setting up a web server and you don't make the first component of the name www then I would have to say that you are dense and you're not really doing your job properly.

I can accept "www" for the "main" site. Just. But for subdomains? No way I'm going to name a site www.subdomain.example.com.

I'm so glad you're not running my DNS / Apache. I would have to fire you on the grounds of idiotic incompetance.

Comment: Re:Just because it has users... (Score 1) 531

by erlando (#28187371) Attached to: Internet Explorer 6 Will Not Die

I'm a web developer paid by the hour. When estimating a project for a client I say to them that I will make their site work in all modern browsers (that is IE7+, FF2+ and Safari 3+). It will render in IE6 but will most likely not be pixel perfect. I will also say that I absolutely can make their site render pixel perfect in IE6 but it will be time consuming.

At $200+ an hour they always choose to let IE6 go.

Comment: Re:/. - are you listening? (Score 2, Interesting) 531

by erlando (#28187167) Attached to: Internet Explorer 6 Will Not Die

We appreciate having /. optimized for FireFox, but would also like such consideration for the more-used IE6 browser.

Actually that's exactly what NOT to do. IE6 users need to be constantly made aware that they are using an obsolete browser. The sites being visited by the bosses need to break in IE6. That might turn things around.

Comment: Re:KVM (disambiguation)? (Score 0, Offtopic) 385

by erlando (#26422401) Attached to: Tech Companies That Won't Survive 2009

If you want to include a Mac in the mix, you have to do the latter, as the forme rdoesn't support Mac OS X as a host or guest.

I wish someone had told me that before I started running Windows Server 2003 inside VMWare Fusion on my OS X. I take it that the Fusion VM running OS X Server is also a figment of my imagination?

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