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Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

by erlando (#49567243) Attached to: JavaScript Devs: Is It Still Worth Learning jQuery?

Why would you do that? Angular is based on the concept on binding form controls to a model and (a)synchronously posting that model to an API endpoint. That's the way you submit forms.

If you need the old style submit with form-data instead of json-data that can be done as well using a properly configured call to $http. You need to set a header and transform the model using $param.

This tutorial has more:

Comment: Re:A continent of difference (Score 1) 304

by erlando (#49145343) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I realize that the infrastructure of Denmark and the US is vastly different. But I think it has more to do with the mindset of drivers than the roads. Of course our cityplanners do take cyclists into account - there are specific lanes and roads for cyclists. We even have "bike highways" from the city center to the suburbs.

Comment: A continent of difference (Score 1) 304

by erlando (#49140645) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
As a European (in particular a Dane) I find the options hilarious. In Denmark, "Never" and "Rarely" would get few if any votes at all. We start to learn to ride a bike when we are about two years old. We bike everywhere. To school, to work, shopping, picking up kids etc. I get the impression that biking in the US is seen almost exclusively as a leisure activity. A bike is a toy. While we can and do bike as a leisure activity it's more the exception than the norm. A bike is a means of transportation.

Comment: Re:pronouncing www is a lot more of a problem (Score 1) 620

by erlando (#29745285) Attached to: Tim Berners-Lee Is Sorry About the Slashes

On the other hand, if you're setting up a web server and you don't make the first component of the name www then I would have to say that you are dense and you're not really doing your job properly.

I can accept "www" for the "main" site. Just. But for subdomains? No way I'm going to name a site

I'm so glad you're not running my DNS / Apache. I would have to fire you on the grounds of idiotic incompetance.

Comment: Re:Just because it has users... (Score 1) 531

by erlando (#28187371) Attached to: Internet Explorer 6 Will Not Die

I'm a web developer paid by the hour. When estimating a project for a client I say to them that I will make their site work in all modern browsers (that is IE7+, FF2+ and Safari 3+). It will render in IE6 but will most likely not be pixel perfect. I will also say that I absolutely can make their site render pixel perfect in IE6 but it will be time consuming.

At $200+ an hour they always choose to let IE6 go.

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