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Comment: Re:bios is also software (Score 1) 421

by eriqk (#47907943) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

The bios is software, and you aren't going to install an OS without a bios.

The microcode is also software and you aren't going to run a computer without that either.

You get the idea?

I think it would actually be rather cool to have access to third party BIOSses, microcode, and so on. Folks who think this is too complex an/or time consuming can always go for the stock options.

+ - diaspora* version released-> 1

Submitted by jaywink
jaywink (3824665) writes "A new diaspora* version is out. It includes a lot of pages ported to Bootstrap, many bug fixes and small enhancements. Also included is a Terms of Service -feature for podmins. Diaspora* is an open source social networking server that joins all running pods into one big decentralized social network."
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Comment: Re:Apparently the trolls are out here, too (Score 1) 1262

by eriqk (#47802655) Attached to: Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

So anonymity is great if you are a battered wife, rape victim, or acid attack victim. But if it is just a case of your opinion not being popular then you no longer deserve it?

False equivalence noted. The fact that this got +5 insightful is truly sad.

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