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Comment Re: a better question (Score 1) 592 592

And yet, why would you be running Linux and editing 4K video. There are no serious video editing programs for Linux.

The few people (likely less than a dozen) that run Linux on Mac on hardware are likely doing so to extend the life of the extremely-reliable hardware, rather than any issue with OS X.

Editing shmediting. If you want to do some serious post production (compositing, tracking, grading) there's some very popular programs for you out there. And I'm not talking about Blender either.

Comment Re:can we have ONE non-dumbed down GUI please? (Score 1) 184 184

Meanwhile, full Windows 7 and 8 runs smoothly on those same underpowered systems with all animations and compositing enabled, all the way down to Atom N270 systems.

Everyone can try this themselves if they do not believe it.

Well, so do Gnome3 and Unity, so there's that.

Comment Re:bios is also software (Score 1) 421 421

The bios is software, and you aren't going to install an OS without a bios.

The microcode is also software and you aren't going to run a computer without that either.

You get the idea?

I think it would actually be rather cool to have access to third party BIOSses, microcode, and so on. Folks who think this is too complex an/or time consuming can always go for the stock options.

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