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Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 347

Well something has to pay for the US leaching so much money out of the Australian economy via junk money investments backed by the US Fed, to basically leach as much money as possible out of the Australian economy.

On topic though, horse traders bitterly complain about selling the infernal combustion engine. Trying to explain how they can fit so many horse powers in that tiny space, why you can't feed it hay or why it seems so stupid it can't follow a road without constantly controlling it or why can;t you breed with two of them, is just to difficult and they should ban them, Either that of they have been told to complain by infernal combustion engine manufacturers as a typical PR=B$ stunt.

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 2) 283

So to cut to the chase. Government opened up new territories, protected them and the trade routes and private business just ruthlessly and very destructively exploited what Government had provided. Basically the same hold true of access to space. Private industry will not open up access to space, government will and then private industry will seek to ruthlessly and destructively exploit that ie a bunch of people will die and private enterprises takes it typical greed driven short cuts, guaranteed. So Neil deGrasse Tyson was politely accurately not extending out his statement to cover the role of private industry in space, as ruthless greed driven exploiters. So, will private enterprise help to push government to open up access to space. NAH not really, a tiny minority might but the vast majority will just want to turn inward stare at their own navel fluff as they pose around on the planet lording it over the rest of us, really pathetic shit.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 0) 564

Turkey being a member of NATO means, according to law and treaties, Turkey did not purposefully target and shoot down a Russian bomber targeting ISIS, NATO did. The headline should properly read "NATO forces target and shot down a Russian bomber targeting ISIS terrorist forces, in order to prevent the elimination of NATO's terrorists". NATO forces knew full well the Russian bomber was no threat to NATO territory or to actual NATO forces but purposefully destroyed the plane over terrorist territory to try to ensure the crew were killed.

Turkey did not do this NATO did. The question now is whether or not Turkey or the USA belongs in NATO because Turkey would not have acted without US approval. Consider the other outcome, that attack dropped certain share prices and raised up others, how many millions were insiders able to make out of that economic shift.

Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 225

You are missing the point. When faced with a broken device and a very high Apple repair bill (have you see how much they charge for things like new keyboards, screens and batteries?) many people will just throw the device away and buy a new one.

Only if they are stupid. Instead of throwing the device away and buying a new one, they can return the broken device to Apple for an "out of warranty repair", which means Apple takes the old device and hands over a "refurbished" device, which in practice often is brand new. The price is usually about half the price of a brand new device.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 225

When companies can claim copyright on screws, and use the DMCA to claim you can't refill your ink cartridges ... you're damned right the legal system needs fixing.

Lexmark tried that stunt with ink cartridges, and they got their legal ass handed to them. Because they didn't actually bother reading the DMCA. DMCA is supposed to prevent illegal copying of copyrighted software, and no such thing happens when you refill your ink cartridge. No copying, no DMCA.

Comment Re:What's Unusual? (Score 1) 91

However standard practice for skilled computer criminals is to release their programs to script kiddies, so that the many script kiddie attacks will help to obfuscate a hide the organised crime attacks.

This would seem to indicate that programs that contain encrypted elements might well have to be banned as it will make much easier for security programs to simply block the installation of all programs that contain encrypted elements, that the user is blocked from checking with a security program.

Comment Re:Hire a lawyer (Score 2) 248

Basically you hire a lawyer to sue the crap out of the idiots who fell for those pranks causing you to suffer. So sue comcast for falsely claiming you disconnected, sue the power company if they cut you off, sue every one who falsely messed with you. The reality is, it is their failure and when you sue them, their lawyers will undoubtedly find the perpetrator and make them pay. It is their fault for failed security proceedings. As for those threats, threats under some ones else's name is still a threat and prosecutable, not the falsely named person of course but the person who made the threat. So sue law enforcement for failing to follow up and prosecute the person who actually made those threats.

Comment Re:Badly behaved adverts are the problem (Score 1) 101

Likely the same arse that thought it was a great idea to auto run fucking video advertisements with no sound controls, this on a page with no other video and just a few images ie so about 99% of bandwidth in that case being advertisement that could not be shut off without leaving the page or running an ad blocker and reloading the page or permanently blocking that particular advertising agency and reloading the page.

Comment Re:They protest too much... (Score 5, Insightful) 225

So you are saying that repair companies do not like difficult to repair products because they make more money repairing them. Difficult to repair just means consumers can not readily repair it themselves and must take it to a repair company and pay them in order to carry out the repair.

So it just happens that iFixit is "iFixit is a wiki-based site that teaches people how to fix almost anything. Anyone can create a repair manual for a device, and anyone can also edit the existing set of manuals to improve them. Our site empowers individuals to share their technical knowledge with the rest of the world.", you claim in that light is really quite nasty and smells of corporate propaganda.

To make it clear, yes it is self serving to complain bitterly about being ripped off with unrepairable products which result in shitty resale values. What, I am meant to live my life to serve corporate profits instead, seriously WTF?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 385

Sound investigatory practices would seek to gain by the chaos being caused in communications. Tracking the sites means tracking the members and as communications are disrupted more risky exposed communications are set up, often leading deeper into those organisations. The only real problem is spy vs spy being cut off and risk being exposed as they hastily attempt to re-establish communications. Might be a bad thing, however as several countries have been playing as terrorists in order to further corporate and imperialistic political agendas, this also might not be a bad thing as it would expose them to investigatory agencies in the countries in which they have been acting illegally.

This brings to mind those laws for aiding and abetting terrorist activities and whether or not the US government will be prosecuting those government officials from the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel who have aided and abetted terrorist activities, including the supply of arms and munitions as they have just recently agreed to do so in a unanimous UN Security council vote. When you supply arms through negligent corrupt activities without proper forethought and planning, that is criminal negligence and prosecutable, no fucking excuses.

Comment Re:The real worry should be Kessler Syndrome (Score 1) 98

So monkey space wars in reality revolve around nothing more than denying all access to all possible orbits by filling them with orbiting debris as quickly as possible. Attempt to fight from space and the immediate sound and logical response is to deny access to space by filling all possible orbits with high speed micro projectiles and this could be done in hours and at a tiny fraction of the cost of attempting to fight from orbit. Why bother targeting anything, way to costly especially if you have significant space inferiority, denial methods are always far cheaper and effective and with varying elliptical orbits a single full out orbital denial attack could last for decades. Whose fault would it be, those who put weapons up their and that access denial would be a fair and reasonable response, loss of life being minimal.

Comment Re: How old are you? (Score 1) 117

Making money is the problem in US politics, that and failure being rewarded and celebrated as long as sufficient corporate profits are generated. Take the failure in the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, basically spent 5 billion dollars to give Russia back the Crimea for free. Nuland and Pyatt are still celebrated basically for being the greatest fuck ups in modern times, trotted off to Russia to try to humiliate the Russians but the Russian can barely contain the mocking and laughter. From the Russian view point, how much would they have paid to Nuland and Pyatt, to achieve what they achieved, return the Crimea and get rid of the economic leach of the Ukraine, would Russia have paid 5 billion dollars to get back the Crimea and get rid of the Ukraine, how much were they spending subsidising the Ukraine to maintain access to the Crimea, something they no longer have to spend, another major win.

Blatant failure celebrated because a big chunk of that five billion spent in the Ukraine was successfully syphoned off by contractors who did not give a shit about outcomes, beyond how much they would make and whether it would generate more conflict and chaos for greater profit opportunities.

Business government partnerships and contracting are nothing more than exercises in corruption and the more money wasted the more they are heralded as great success stories, something you are of course bound to do as covering up exercises. The fuck ups are allowed to roam free, no matter how great their failures because seemingly nothing more than embarrassment factor and their exposure might lead to greater investigation. Failure has become the norm in US government administration because failure means spending more money, success means problem solved and the end of cash flow, perversely the biggest failures become the greatest success stories for corporations ie F35 and it's now required replacement at even greater cost (this failure even forced on other countries via corporate driven US diplomatic threats, woot).

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 513

Not a problem, put web site address on the packaging and by law maintain a web site with full details, no secrets or lies. Here's a hint, don't give one shit want you want, if it any way denies me choice based upon the truth. If I don't want to choose a product for any reason what so ever, that is my choice and not someone else's. Part of that choice is choosing a government that does not join fuck head corporations in lying to the public for profit.

Comment hell yeah (Score 1) 575

Knowing the history and knowing the enormous breach of freedom this is, how can any presidential candidate not immediately answer "noooo! NO ! double no !" alone on the US and European historical precedent and the breach of constitutionality ? Remember they are supposed to uphold the constitution when elected.

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