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Comment Re:same as guns (Score 2) 171

One thing about guns that is very similar to drugs, legal varieties of course. Want to reduce their use, then ensure the taxes on them reflect the harm they cause. User pays means the group that users those items, drugs or guns should pay for all the damages caused by those items, no more privatising the profits and socialising the losses. There should be sufficient tax placed upon guns and bullets to ensure that all the damage caused by their illicit, ignorant, clumsy, foolish use is paid for and not by people who do not have or use them. So somewhere upwards of 100% tax and this should apply to used guns as well.

Encryption of course is directly tied to the principle of freedom. A free person owns there privacy, a slave's privacy is owned by someone else. The more privacy you lose, the more a slave you become. Loss of privacy extends to physical sexual assaults (body search), where you are no longer private to your person but others are allowed to molest you, strip you naked and, sexually assault you and you whole family at will, exactly as they would for any other group of slaves.

Only a free person has privacy and a slave never does and that is a core social principle since time immemorial. So slave or free person, you decide who owns your private life, you or some one else, not just information but also your physical person.

Comment Re:Loaded title. (Score -1, Flamebait) 131

Hmm, devices an interesting term to use, rather than computers. So for decades M$ for licensing terms called multi-core cpu as multiple instances of a device, so is a quad core computer one device or four devices. I for one will never run Windows anal probe 10. Until they produce a secure version of windows I will not run it on any device ever.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 34

Yeah, we all know exactly what they are aiming for, unlimited numbers of suicide bombers. The most innocent person falsely confessing to the worst possible crimes, hell, why stop there get them to commit the worst possible crimes. What else, slavish loyalty for everyone but the people controlling those agencies (1% rest assured you wont be in control, just in case they will line you up against the wall and you will be happy to be there). Most sane countries would turn around a write empathic legislation that only medical authorities are allowed to conduct that research for health benefits only and the any military or similar research is strictly banned with life imprisonment penalties for doing so.

I am trying think what the fuck is going through the sick fucking doctors minds who are doing this research and their total psychopathic indifference to the Hippocratic oath, here is a link as those people involved have obviously forgotten what it is.

Comment Re:How about more offensive public mailing lists? (Score 1) 660

The question put forward by the article was about how to get more women into FOSS projects not about prior FOSS projects. The right answer to that question is to bring more focus to other aspects of those projects. Mate, my full growth beard sees you as being more than just a little bit misogynistic. That you would so misread a humorous response to the actual question put forward by the article. Surely that bit of humour about fast and small, wasn't all that bad, sorry if it personally belittled you, well, not really ;D.

Comment Re:Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 1) 668

Now that is pretty childish. FOSS coder leaves project to produce own fork, nothing at all wrong with that, what ever their reasons, I hope they produce successful work. The best way for any open source code to move forward is with forks that explore other methods, it is how you test to see if something else will work better. If they do something really well, then it will return to the original that produced the fork. In the FOSS world nothing is ever lost with a fork and much can be gained by it.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 0) 408

Give up on the nanny state stuff. Look at the rich and greedy, they demand nannies (us) do everything imaginable for them, yet they scream at us about a nanny state. They want nannies to cook for them, they want nannies to bring their din dins, they want nannies to clean after them, they want nannies to drive them and, they want nannies to feed their ego, this whilst simultaneously demanded none of corporate taxes they bleed off us as profits pays for nannies for us. Whether they be the nannies that look after our children in school, or the nannies that look after when we are sick in hospital or the nannies that patrol our streets for criminals. Believe the corporate propaganda, nannas (our typical nanny) are evil and must be stopped, else they will look after you, instead of having all of them wiping the collective arses of the rich and greedy (yet they want nannies to do everything imaginable for them).

Android, don't like something that is in it, take it out and that us a whole lot easier than sticking some thing in it that is missing. Seriously WTF Porsche, do a better job on you clearly collusive marketing, so who paid who to install the software or is Porsche IT actually as incompetent as they claim. In order to make the software desirable that stuck in pretty much everything reasonable they could think. So Porsche PR=B$ (especially for their products) are you claiming Google supplied the software as closed source and legally barred you from removing any modules.

Comment Re:How about more offensive public mailing lists? (Score -1) 660

You rather 'A' responce provides the exact answer to the question. How to get more women into open source, focus less on the code and more on other things. Women tend to be more social than men, more communication orientated (bringing up baby you know, coded in the genes, rather than stealthily waiting in silence to attack anything that threatens mother and child). So usability studies, documentation, manuals, teaching tutorials, product promotion and maybe just maybe perhaps a little more friendly social interaction in the various projects. Chain to a desk punching out code, fighting over whose is better, faster and more compact (something that is rumoured to be less than satisfying for women), is not often the most conducive to producing a successful project. There is far more to FOSS than just code, people are more important than the code, without the people there is no code and no use for the code. Your comment proves exactly why more women are needed in FOSS.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 388

By far the majority of creative people and thinkers are amateurs, just because they do not get paid (often just one lucky break and more often someone they know) does not be they are not in the 'trade'. This nonsense of separating people, of claiming somehow professionals a separate exceptional people and everyone else in an ordinary nothing, a fan ( or Besides how often is 'fandom' just a PR fabrication and how often is it real, how few fans are out there, whether hand held (actual fans) or mechanical (nothing more than main stream media marketing).

Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 58

Just a blatant liar. Why bother , yeah sure then can transport their animals to market on a dirt track, yeah sure not problems. Do you have any idea at all of the difference between a gravel road and a bitmen paved road (the bitumen water proof coating to extend the life of the compacted road). Clearing, grading, placing gravel and compacting the material all cost more than the final bitumen coating (the problem with the bitumen coating, getting it to location from metropolitan areas), were as the gravel to produce the base can be sourced relatively locally from a suitable source. Laying that cable has nothing at all, not in the slightest on producing a road..

Comment You are missing the point (Score 1) 388

A joke stand on its own without the laugh track. Watch other funny shows with gags, you do not need laugh tracks (think comedy films for example where there is NO laugh racks).
  But BBT needs those laugh track and i will tell you why since you apparently did not watch one of the video. A listing of old 8 bits game without context is not funny. If I list "super mario , break out, pong" on a normal voice nothing is funny. But add a laugh track and people will start to smirk and laugh. Why ? Not because of a joke but because humour and laugh are contagious, far more than yawning. We as a social animal tend to react by laughing even when we do no get the joke.

And that is essentially why they add laugh tracks because it is a mostly unhumoristic show having a few people which are assholes to each other with the occasional light moment , and trying to paint them as geek. The humor is utterly flat so they NEED the trick of the laugh tracks.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 388

You obviously have no idea about how comics are produced. They are drawn and scripted by artists and writers no computer geeks or nerds. Hence many artists and writers attend, so basically a cross section of intellect and creativity and never to forget the cheetos crowd how never left immaturity also attend but for non creative or intellectual reasons. A slice through the whole available spectrum rather than one single end. However they are actively promoted on the internet between internet types and they then as the result of viral marketing tend to dominate, so more creative and more intellectual types and fewer cheetos types. So in many ways it does actually represent the cross section an international airport represents because the cheetos types often can not afford to fly far.

What the non-geeks really hate about the Big Bang Theory, we know exactly what, they are stilled mired in the high school jealously of not being able to learn as easily as some, no matter how hard they tried before the gave up in humiliation and sought other methods to strike back at those who learn so much more with no visible effort.

Comment Re:Umm... WHAT? (Score 1) 153

Consider this for every other species on the planet, that would be considered a good thing. How many is too many, wait before the whole system collapses and the species ceases to exist or start effective birth control that has impact even in cases of intoxicated boredom and too lazy to do anything about it but that OK some one else can look after it and pass on the intoxicated bored lazy genes.

So which is it, a few billions things going wrong or a few billion things going right, which is going to be by far the most likely demise of humanity, mass human sterility or a planet sterilised by human waste.

Anything that triggers hormonal changes of course, can be changed, like duhhhh!

Comment Doubtful (Score 1) 343

more likely advertiser will buy all adblock stuff around and slowly expand the acceptable ad programs until it becomes useless. If I learned one thing from history is that advertiser will go nuclear and escalate very quickly to the point of self destruction by obnoxiousness (pop up and pop under came relatively quickly in existence and became the plague they are, same with audio video ads).

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