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Comment: Re:No wonder MSFT stock is up (Score 1) 137

by ericloewe (#47650645) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

You're either misinformed or just plain stupid. I'll assume the former.

Non-Pro Surfaces are indeed closer to Android tablets and iPads. They are also priced accordingly (though not race-to-the-bottom prices, like what Android is going through).

Surface Pros are Ultrabooks crammed into tablets. They run circles around anything that runs Android or iOS. They are thus priced like Ultrabooks.

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

by ericloewe (#47560473) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

You really are a moron.

By quoting him as they did, they offered his view as that of an authority. The words attributed to him (which you so kindly quoted) are equivalent to "kill all Jews".
Thus, they are in effect saying "kill all Jews".

If you can't get this inside your skull, maybe you should start by removing it from your ass.

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.