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Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

The big difference is that the degree Celsius (and thus the Kelvin) are defined by a reproducible measurement that can be done in a laboratory.

Bottom line is that all imperial units are defined relative to SI units, which says a lot about them. It says that they're just different - and being different for the sake of being different is a profoundly idiotic way of approaching any problem involving measurements.

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

Celsius and Kelvin are defined around a phenomenon that basically defines life on Earth. Given that they're related to the other units by some constant in any case, I'd say it's an acceptable solution.

"More resolution" has to be the silliest argument anyone could come up with for Rankine vs Kelvin. If you really need that little bit of extra precision, it's trivial to use fractional parts. If you don't need it, why the hell are you arguing about it?

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

Seriously, fuck this silly argument already. "day-to-day life" works best with what's used, since all systems of measurements are arbitrary to some degree.

The important thing is consistency. Within the system (12 inches in a foot? 3 feet in a yard? 1 760 yards in a mile??? At least be patriotic and do 1 776 yards, it would make more sense than 1760! At least it's fucking divisible by 3, unlike 1 760!) and within the set of people that you need to communicate with (The rest of the world has pretty much settled this one).

The "range of habitable temperatures" argument is very lame. You wouldn't map an abstract range into something like [-18;38], you'd do [-20;40], for instance. Furthermore Touareg might shrug at 35 degrees Celsius while the Russian next to him finds it unbearably hot, as an example - what kind of point is there in basing a unit off such a personal view?
Added resolution is irrelevant. If you absolutely must, use fractional parts, not that you could tell the difference in a realistic scenario.

Your foot is a foot long? How convenient for those situations in life where you need accuracy but not *too* much accuracy (none).

If too much rounding of a value expressed in a certain unit is silly, don't do it. If you'd given this argument a little bit of thought, you'd have realized that 5ish feet is a *very* short adult and 6ish feet is just tall enough for it to be a somewhat meaningful end of the range of what's "typical". So, you end up in a similar situation - 7 feet.

Base units aren't "easier". Nothing is perfect for all scales. So you need something which can quickly be adapted to whatever scale you need. You just need a single reference to quickly understand how big or small the quantity you're dealing with is, with no need for stupid moments like "I know how much a foot is, so how does a mile compare to that?"
A more practical problem. You're told you can plant a tree every 3 meters and you have a 3 kilometer stretch to fill. How many would you need? 1 000, no real thought necessary.
What about one every 9 feet and a 3 mile stretch? 586.7 - you'd need patience or a calculator to get that one.

Comment: Wi-Fi and audio not working? (Score 1) 290 290

Sounds like they're damned near ready to release Windows 10.

My Surface Pro 3 (so not random OEM PoS) often needs a reboot because its sensors crapped out when the thing woke up from sleep. Wi-Fi is a semi-stable solution that could use some serious polishing. The keyboard frequently gets a key logically stuck, which isn't fixable without a reboot and precludes any productivity (try doing *anything* with CTRL held down and you'll see what I mean).

In all seriousness, I hope they decide to polish first, release later for a change

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