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Comment: Re:Terminal Windows Complexity? (Score 2) 228

by ericloewe (#48595681) Attached to: Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware

Any modern OS is too complex for a single person to understand.

Windows is especially bad, given that the de facto goal is to maintain as much compatibility as humanly possible - including the antiquated Win32 API.

Starting with Windows 8.1, the tendency is more towards the Unix method of providing several versions of the same thing (much like what was done with the Visual Studio runtimes), presenting applications only the one they claim to target (or the default, which is Windows 7, IIRC). This should allow the API to be "broken" in newer releases, which should allow for better manageability.

Comment: Re:Small NAS box suggestions? (Score 1) 115

by ericloewe (#48572527) Attached to: FreeNAS 9.3 Released

You can't easily do much cheaper than the FreeNAS Mini. FreeNAS is not something you throw on an old computer.

The Hardware sticky over at the FreeNAS forums pretty much answers your questions: https://forums.freenas.org/ind...

The cheapest alternative for FreeNAS is probably something along the lines of:
Supermicro X10SLL-F + 8GB ECC DDR3 + Intel G3220 + case and PSU

miniITX would be more expensive, most likely.

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