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Comment: Reasonable Question (Score 1, Interesting) 134

by erick99 (#39340723) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Has the Best 3G Coverage In California and Nevada?
Come on, folks. It's a reasonable question. He is going to two large states and is asking about coverage. There is no need to ridicule him for his request. If you can't answer it or are not interested than move on. I doubt SlashDot would have posted it had they thought it wasn't a reasonable request.

Comment: Re:An agenda (Score 2) 420

by erick99 (#39231973) Attached to: Virginia High Court Rejects Case Against Climatologist Michael Mann
I am a weather enthusiast and even have a fairly popular (though local) website. I've read a great deal about how warming/cooling works and I cannot come to a conclusion that any warming/cooling is any more than a cyclical climate change but I also cannot say that's it's not at least partly anthropogenic. I wish I could find more dispassionate reporting about how any current, global, climate change is occurring. A lot of what I read is very one-sided. Both sides of this argument cherry pick scientific data/evidence to support their opinion.

Comment: Would like to hear the other side. (Score 2) 312

I am not an Apple fan, and, actually, dislike the company. However, I wonder if they are truly making claims that are not true or if their claims are simply carefully worded to convey, well, nothing. Apple seems to big and way too self-important to risk the scandal of an outright lie. It reminds me of how they handled the antennae problem with the iPhone. It would be interesting to hear Apple's response but my guess is that they will simply not respond and their fans will be fine with that.

Comment: Re:Yes, it's wrong (Score 5, Interesting) 908

I am single dad with a single income but I have two teenage sons who like to play games. When something hot comes out like Gears of whatever, I buy a new copy. But for other games they wait until it's available used. I can't afford a new version of everything. I think that what they are doing is, at the least, mean-spirited.

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