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Comment The big banks are getting on the bitcoin wagon (Score 1) 187

For the purpose of trade, let the banks handle the transaction:

Soon, I'll be able to send funds via Bitcoin through my bank's web interface.
I won't worry about losing my Bitcoin wallet - the bank will take over that risk.
I'll log in and choose to send regular currency to another account; one of my options will be a Bitcoin transaction.
My bank and the other account's bank will handle the Bitcoin.
I'll see regular currency leave my account and the other party will see regular currency enter his/her account.

Comment John Brown's body (Score 1) 315

... liies a smolderiin' [moulderin'] in the ground.

When I was young, I thought the lyric was "smolderin'," and I wondered what John Brown did to make so many people happy that he was smoldering in hell.
Of course the song laments the death of John Brown and the the lyric is "moulderin'."
Kids use the words they hear most often.
Unfortunately, "terrorist" is a much more common word than "terraced."

Submission + - Canadian Music Industry Faces Competition Complaint Over Public Domain Records (michaelgeist.ca)

An anonymous reader writes: A Canadian record label specializing in public domain releases has filed a complaint with the Competition Tribunal over alleged anti-competitive conduct by Universal, Sony, and host of other music industry leaders. The complaint tells a fascinating behind-the-scenes tale, with the recording industry doing everything in its powers — including posting false reviews, pressuring distributors, and lobbying for changes to the law — to stop the sale of competing public domain records.

Comment Specialization (Score 1) 417

Why does every car manufacturer reinvent the tech interface?
Each should provide a simple standardized tech unit that could be replaced in the after market.

This way, the car manufacturers could better concentrate on what they do (or should do) best: making a decent-riding car with a good engine and a good transmission.

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