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Comment: Unregistered (Score 1) 114

Running MD5sum on Unregistered (with no carriage return) produces the hash 84b8026b3f5e6dcfb29e82e0b0b0f386

The article used a lower-case u in unregistered, which produces a different hash.

Still no luck on figuring out e6d290a03b70cfa5d4451da444bdea39
My email address doesn't hash to it, so I guess I'm not being singled out.

Comment: Heart Attacks & Strokes (Score 1) 252

by eric31415927 (#48442461) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

Obesity, Smoking, Exercise, Genetics, Diet

Diet is only one small part of the problem
Genetics - well you're stuck with them - your children are stuck with yours
Smoking is hard to quit for some
Exercise - well nobody like to exercise
Obesity - on the rise - due to sugar, salt, and fat in boxed foods - who cooks from scratch?

My rant is over

Brain off-line, please wait.