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Submission + - Canadian Music Industry Faces Competition Complaint Over Public Domain Records (

An anonymous reader writes: A Canadian record label specializing in public domain releases has filed a complaint with the Competition Tribunal over alleged anti-competitive conduct by Universal, Sony, and host of other music industry leaders. The complaint tells a fascinating behind-the-scenes tale, with the recording industry doing everything in its powers — including posting false reviews, pressuring distributors, and lobbying for changes to the law — to stop the sale of competing public domain records.

Comment Specialization (Score 1) 417

Why does every car manufacturer reinvent the tech interface?
Each should provide a simple standardized tech unit that could be replaced in the after market.

This way, the car manufacturers could better concentrate on what they do (or should do) best: making a decent-riding car with a good engine and a good transmission.

Comment Life-worth measurements (Score 1) 77

Is this just a way to keep a robot-car manufacturer from specifically assigning weights to various bad outcomes and possibly avoiding lawsuits?
Suppose a crash looks imminent. Whose life is more valuable? Instead of programming for this specifically, the manufacturer uses algorithms developed by obserations. Then the manufacturer could argue that it's not to blame when one person dies instead of another.

In any case, this sounds like a great way to teach a computer how to drive badly.
No one is a perfect driver - we don't want to teach our mistakes.
People make correct or safe driving decisions based on inputs that cannot always be well measured - we don't want to teach incomplete rules.

Comment Current Cloning Problems (Score 3, Insightful) 172

At the moment, natural-born animals have fewer complications throughout their lives.
Keeping track of pedigrees is arguably more important now that clones are starting to show up.
Horses are expensive; who wants to lay out $10K (or more) without some assurance that your horse will live a heathly life.

See problems with animal cloning:

Comment Unregistered (Score 1) 115

Running MD5sum on Unregistered (with no carriage return) produces the hash 84b8026b3f5e6dcfb29e82e0b0b0f386

The article used a lower-case u in unregistered, which produces a different hash.

Still no luck on figuring out e6d290a03b70cfa5d4451da444bdea39
My email address doesn't hash to it, so I guess I'm not being singled out.

Comment Space Precinct (Score 1) 480

My 90's cable provider didn't have Babylon 5 on any of its channels (I grew up in the Boonies).
We did have Space Precinct, which was horrible, but I watched it because it was the only sci-fi on late at night.

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