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Journal Journal: Romania - voting in the Banana Republic

I don't know if I'm going to vote. All I'll do is to put a negative vote, and not a positive one. What I mean by this is - there is no one to vote, but I don't want the ones in power now to be in power tomorrow.
Fucking cripto-comunists (PSD+PUR) all they say is - we protect the interests of the many. That is the only argument against a proposal for one level of taxation for all. It's a like mantra for them. The others (Alianta D.A. -PNL-PD) are no better, mostly they are to weak and mostly from the same vein to count that much, thought they have a better and more liberal approach, but not even close to liberalism, they are liberals only compared with the communists in power. And the third choice is a schizoid CLOWN showing of a third personality - Corneliu Vadim Tudor - who runs a party formed by people retired form the communist secret service - the funny part with this clown is that he is a mental case and he promised that if elected he will give drugs (legal ones) for free.
So the choice in Romania at the ballot is something like:
2) egg+spam

I hate spam.

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