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Comment: Re:And I blame my parents (Score 1) 734

by ergean (#45150837) Attached to: Facebook Comment Prompts Arrests In Cyberbullying Suicide Case

I don't want to be inconsiderate... but I really don't get it how could people be bullied and not respond to it.

I was a kid with glasses - think bottle bottoms lens - kind of skinny. Moved from the country to the city - in the first week I've been called every variation of names a kid could think to say to hurt me. My response was to ignore them all and do the best I could in class. When the next level came - cornered and punched in halls I changed my attitude and went from ignoring to retaliation. The first one didn't even think I could hit him, but I did. For every punch I got I gave 2 in return. All the bulling stopped that day. I've been beaten but I had them bleeding. The gang mentality didn't work because I was the one that would smile no matter what they did. And I was put in the same bench with a kid with issues, helped him with his grades and he helped me with the other kids. The kid was an outsider too.

In high school I was too big to even bother... still the nerd, but working on the farm had it's perks.

Comment: Private security? (Score 1) 272

by ergean (#42926971) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive SOHO Crime Deterrence and Monitoring?

I don't know how is in US, but in Romania there are security companies that provide 24/7 monitoring for as little as 40$ a month with a contract that guaranties a 7 minutes response, if you want lower you pay more. They include motion sensors & means to connect directly to their teams to alert the closest one. I own a small business and had no problems until now. But they usually call me if they see an unusual pattern - like opening at night or if I forget to set the motion sensors on after a certain hour. They even provide you with a panic button.

Is there anything like that for small business in US?

Comment: Re:Free Hardware (Score 1) 380

by ergean (#42875767) Attached to: Home Server Or VPS? One Family's Math

I use a different metric - if I can make the money in the time spent... fuck it - I buy a new one. If I can't make the money - I buy old.
On the other hand I like taking things apart.

Side note: When I was a student I used to take the slower and cheaper trains just so I can read, but for the same reason - I couldn't make the money spent on a faster train in the time gained (usually 1-2 h).

Comment: Re:A plotter (Score 2) 266

by ergean (#42813843) Attached to: For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

I know people who make tons of money and they steal paper from work. I'm blush when I see them doing it. Ffs 500 Sheets of printing paper costs like 5$. And if they ask the acquisitions they would get them even cheaper when the company buys in bulk and they can sell anything they can get in bulk directly to you at the acquisition costs.

Comment: Re:Yes, or adjust your monitor (Score 1) 195

by ergean (#42623745) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Tools For Dealing With Glare Sensitivity?

It's not the brightness, it's the contrast. I can't see shit in low light... I had myopia now after a had crystalline implants I see almost 20/20 at almost any range except in the 0-50cm proximity in low light. I could read at the light of the stars with myopia, now I can't read shit... but I can see the writing. I found that if I have more light (contrast) I can almost read anything a normal person can read.

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