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Comment Housing crisis ignored (Score 1) 940 940

There is an affordable housing crisis in the US that has been easily ignored since 2009. Only those with real money can afford to buy any home today. I just want a home but flippers buyout with cash what I can only afford on credit. Then flip the home nearly doubling the cost. I know -now- that renting is what I will do until death. Enjoy your home.

Comment Slashdot community bites down hard on free speech (Score 1) 180 180

Sites gets banned for legitimate reasons all the time Thousands of other legitimate business sites go through this all the time. This site cries like baby and throws poo at internet community to get attention drawn to its "cause" much less the real problem for the ban. Slashdot community bites down hard on free speech bullshit... entertains crap... lame.

Comment Class is In. (Score 1) 1010 1010

College is about providing proof that you have the ability to excel in general studies at a higher level, the highest level. Computer Science is a Science Degree and therefore requires the basic corner stone of a Bachelors of Science degree... and that's Math. What your looking for is a "degree" or certifications in a specialty, vocation or whatever your trade of choice is. You didn't say anything about teaching or obtaining a Masters which demonstrates the highest caliber of ability. Ability that is peer reviewed by the best currently living in your culture and maybe the even the world. If you dont want to qualify for these things then you dont want a Computer Science degree.

Comment Mental Masturbation (Score 1) 841 841

I will take truthiness over the mental masturbation that is this article. The sampling rate should be adjusted for each and every track. But putting the idea out there that its a crappy choice is a lie too. I will dump compression any day for the original WAV. Then this argument truly is utterly pointless.

Comment The USA is a big country. (Score 1) 1205 1205

Some folks in other countries just dont get how spread out the USA is. There is no public transportation worth taking to work if its takes 3 hours just to get you there. I dont do anything with my car except go to work now. Quality of life has dropped of the map for some of us. Its not even worth owning a car anymore, but only tied to it out of need to get to work. A vicious cycle.

Comment Its a hate crime (Score 1) 671 671

Its a hate crime. This guy obviously had something against him being Gay. No matter how his reasoning is wrapped, in the end its still Hate and Ignorance, plain and simple. Gays will always be a minority. Gays will always be a minority. Gays will always be a minority. There can be no equal Rights for Gays unless the Majority of Straits can empathizes with them as equals. Their lives and life styles -will always be- in the control of the strait majority. Try to imagine how that marginalization would warp your life. As long as there are those who marginalize Gays, there will be enough Hate for them to allow the average person to think it OK to destroy their lives. Human Empathy Test Fail = Human Rights Fail

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