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Comment: Re:Korea, a "strange" country... (Score 1) 137

by erdos-bacon sandwich (#41199531) Attached to: 4K UHDTV Hardware On Display in Berlin, And On Sale In Korea

....where people can afford to buy the highest tech available anywhere in the world, and that tech is actually manufactured there!

Actually Samsung and LG do very little (almost none) of their manufacturing in Korea. It's too expensive. The majority of their mass productions lines are in China and eastern Europe (for the euro market)

+ - Olympic Games and the Tricky Science of Telling Men from Women->

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erdos-bacon sandwich
erdos-bacon sandwich writes "Gender tests may be the most controversial obstacle the athletes face. The London Games tries a new approach based on testosterone. Of all the obstacles athletes have had to overcome to compete in the Olympics, perhaps the most controversial has been the gender test.

Originally designed to prevent men from competing in women's events, it is based on the premise that competitors can be sorted into two categories via established scientific rules. But the biological boundaries of gender aren't always clear."

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+ - TSA Officers Rescue Kidnapped Woman->

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erdos-bacon sandwich
erdos-bacon sandwich writes "The Transportation Security Administration is crediting two of its officers with rescuing a kidnapped woman and helping capture her two abductors as they passed through a security checkpoint at Miami International Airport.

The two behavior detection officers, trained to spot terrorists in passenger lines, noticed the 25-year-old woman trembling and trying to hide facial injuries at an airline ticket counter. The woman at first said she was fine, but later broke down crying and said she had been kidnapped, the TSA said.

The officers separated the woman from her four travel partners, leading to her rescue and the arrest of two women in the group on kidnapping and other charges, the TSA said."

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