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Comment Re:A govt employee charged with a crime? Shock!!! (Score 2) 79

Courts (especially where the judges are elected) and lawmakers have to be perceived as being "tough on crime", else the right-wing law-and-order types will have a fit.

I think you're referring to the reality where soccer moms have conniption fits if a criminal who should have been in jail rapes and murders their daughter. They don't want to hear about statistics or about how rare it is when it's their daughter and neither would I and neither would you.

Oh, and there's also the infamous school shootings. Nobody, on /. at least, points out how insanely unlikely it is to be caught up in a school shooting, or about how few people are actually killed, or about how it could have been stopped very quickly if anyone at the scene had been armed.

No, instead let's get outraged that the courts are doing their jobs of putting people in jail... and then get outraged if they don't.

Look. It's your job to safeguard your life. The cops are there to help, but it's ultimately your job because the cops can only get there five minutes later. That's part of the reason why we have the Second Amendment is so that we can defend ourselves.

Now the self-righteous gun-control crowd can all go ahead and mod me down but it's not going to change reality and it's not going to change the truth.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 2) 284

by eliminating a geographic factor...

But from the summary:

'a statistically significant' pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct.

TFA didn't clarify whether she meant "size" as in "number of people" or as in "area" but the term "precinct" refers to a specific location (area).

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1, Redundant) 284

That said, data should be anonymized if it isn't already. When I vote, my ballot doesn't have any identifying information on it, so releasing records exactly as they were captured wouldn't tell you anything about me at all.

In which case it also wouldn't prove anything at all, like whether your vote was fraudulent or not.

Comment Re:Links you can send to friends (Score 0) 268

Oh, look, every single one of the articles you linked to are written by insanely left wing "news" organizations.

They definitely wouldn't have any kind of agenda, they must be totally unbiased and perfectly willing to portray a corporation in a fair light. They surely wouldn't just form a bandwagon for page clicks.


Comment Re:It's a union thing (Score 1) 277

Honestly, as much as I doubt I'd ever choose to become a cop, my biggest concern is precisely other peoples life and well-being.

That's quite the self-righteous lie.

On an unrelated note, the story of Spider-Man's beginnings are BS. Spider-Man would reasonable have to treat every jay walker as a mass murder just because, you know, he might have ended up killing his Uncle Ben. Meanwhile, plenty of other people die every day and Peter Park did nothing to help any of them. At that point, it's clear he was selfishly concerned with his own family and so the only real concern on his part would be protecting his Aunt and his love interest. And in such a shitty city where a murder seemed to so readily occurred, that'd mean moving away. :) Ie, it's all very contrived. Just like your statement is.

And right there you just proved your sanctimonious assertion was hypocritical.

So, perhaps we shouldn't use the average person as a standard for what's acceptable for a cop.

And where, pray tell, are we to find these supermen who are perfect in every way and can enforce our laws objectively and without use of force?

Comment Re:It's a union thing (Score 1) 277

>>training costs more than the taxpayers are willing to be taxed

many local universities and other institutions...

Where the fuck do you think they get their money from?!

grants from our current federal justice department...


However, many of the tactics used to "deescalate" situations or reduce the amount of force police use also put police officers at higher risk for harm. (e.g., pausing to wait for the suspect to do something may allow them to draw or use a weapon, wrestling with a suspect instead of using a taser gives the suspect a chance to bite, stab, punch at close contact, etc.) These measures aren't popular with unions concerned first and foremost with their members' health and well-being.

I agree. And y'know what? Each and every one of you would absolutely do the same things as the cops if it was your life on the line.

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