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Comment: Re:No way! (Score 2) 508

by e r (#48880595) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration
Everyone is biased. In fact, even your idea that someone shouldn't have preconceived notions is a preconceived (biased) notion. What is important is whether his bias is correct or not. Then the questions which remain are:
1. How do we determine if his bias is correct or not?
2. Who gets to determine if his bias is correct or not?
3. Who gets to hold him accountable for what has been determined to be the correct bias?
4. What will those who're responsible for holding him accountable do if he decides to renege or otherwise fail in upholding what has been determined to be the correct bias?

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 382

by e r (#48861549) Attached to: FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN
Tell that to the Syrians, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the Russians, the French ("le muskets are useless against le mighty warships of Le Rois! C'est madness to resist!").

You have no idea how a war is fought or even what the term "Guerrilla warfare" is let alone the fact that at least half the current military would be fighting against the feds.

Comment: Facepalm (Score 1) 258

by e r (#48798265) Attached to: AI Experts Sign Open Letter Pledging To Protect Mankind From Machines

"The question whether a machine can think is about as interesting as the question whether a submarine can swim". -- Edsger D. Dijkstra

I think anthropomorphism is worst of all. I have now seen programs "trying to do things", "wanting to do things", "believing things to be true", "knowing things" etc. Don't be so naive as to believe that this use of language is harmless. It invites the programmer to identify himself with the execution of the program and almost forces upon him the use of operational semantics. -- Edsger D. Dijkstra

The rhapsodizing and daydreaming on this subject really should embarrass the hell out of a lot of people in this thread. Aren't you all the same ones scoffing and raging over pseudoscience, creationism, and climate change denial? Then you all get hot and bothered as soon as someone mentions AI?! You're doing EXACTLY the same thing you accuse religions and those who are religious of doing.

And here's some more Dijkstra on the subject of anthropomorphising machines and other non-human things

Oh, and just to prove my point let's see how many down votes I get as soon as the trans-humanists and science worshipers read this post which disagrees with them.

Comment: Re:As a proportion of the budget... (Score 1) 287

by e r (#48756833) Attached to: Should We Be Content With Our Paltry Space Program?

Now if the President, and the Congress were the same party; and a) the low-taxes hawk, b) the deficit hawks, or c) both could be convinced to shut up for 10 goddamn years and let the government pay for nice things

If we borrowed and spent like that for ten years there wouldn't be a point in having a nice space program because we'd cease to have a country. It's like you're proposing that we ignore the mortgage so that we can buy nice drapes-- we wouldn't have a house to hang the drapes in!

Comment: Re:Well, that's cool I guess (Score 0) 125

by e r (#48253623) Attached to: It's Official: HTML5 Is a W3C Standard
Running an app in a browser is already a heavyweight solution. Using Javascript instead of a real (i.e. native) programming language is already a heavyweight solution. The web is neat, but it could be vastly better than it is. How?
By getting rid of Javascript all together and replacing it with something native (i.e. C++ running under a run-time similar to NaCl).
Pre-compiling HTML and CSS to some kind of bytecode rather than parsing it all down from text.
Then bundle all that up into a single compressed package per-page and ready to go. The packages would be signed with a crypto key so that you know it came from the site you're navigating to and has the contents that it claims to have.

I'm not a security expert, but a crypto hash like this should be possible, right? Anyway let's not pretend like the current mess on the web is totally secure.
I'm not a code guru, but running a native binary should get much better performance than Javascript I don't care how optimized modern JS interpreters/JITs are (and I know they've done some amazing things with them).
I'm not an HTML/CSS guru, but surely it'd be faster to parse bytecode than plain text.

Worried that the web will turn into a wasteland without the ability to read the source code of web pages? First, when was the last time you looked at the source to anything without being paid to do so? Second, browsers could simply de-compile the markup bytecode and display it-- it's not anywhere close to as complex as real code.
Worried about security holes? The native run-time would simply not support functions that allow you to work outside the browser's resources (i.e. the file system). Worried about pointers etc? Fine, use ref counting or a GC language like Go or Rust. Anyway, do you worry about that stuff right now? The browser you're using ALREADY is completely written in C or C++.
I don't want to come across as being an iconoclast or as trying to sound like I'm better or more know more than the guys currently building the infrastructure. I'm just putting this stuff out there as an idea that I hope is a good one or at least not a terrible one.

"There is no statute of limitations on stupidity." -- Randomly produced by a computer program called Markov3.