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Comment Re:Asinine (Score 2) 127

I'm going to go ahead and mention the guards at the concentration camps.

The low-level people are the edifice of tyranny. The super genius evil mastermind has nothing without henchmen. Politicians and tyrants have nothing without jack-booted thugs. And our little self-righteous think-of-the-children tyrant wannabes in the west are nothing without the army of "low-level people" keeping the surveillance state running.

The low-level people just shrugged and violated the law and everyone else's privacy this whole time. Now all-a-sudden they feel exposed and endangered when the same is done to them?!

The Golden Rule applies just as much to low-level people and tyrants as it does to children in a school yard and adults on the street.

Comment Re:What!!!? (Score 1) 648

4) Cost me additional money (mobile bandwidth) to load.

They didn't take electronic bandwidth, but they did cost you money. That space on the paper could have been filled with content instead.

6) Take up 80% of the page, requiring me to flip page after page to read a sentence or two surrounded by half a dozen ads.

Actually, I seem to remember seeing broadsheets and newspapers that did have quite a lot of ads on them. The newspapers I've seen that weren't almost covered with ads were subscription papers-- but even they had quite a few ads on them.

Everything else you said was true though.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

If you own any modern electronics then you're just as guilty of using slave labor as the Founders.
If you own any gold (i.e. in any of those modern electronics) then you're just as guilty of using slave labor as the Founders.
If you own any product made using diamonds (i.e. diamond abrasives) then you're just as guilty of using slave labor as the Founders.

Look, the Founders gave you a country that's free-er than any country has ever been-- ever.
How about being grateful and showing some respect instead of complaining that the Founders weren't absolutely perfect in every way according to your twenty-first century ego-centric values?

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 293

The key difference between French fries and assault rifles is that the later's only purpose is to make killing people easier.

How does this change the fact that more people die from being fat (French Fries) than from being shot?
It doesn't.
So your sad attempt at moving the goal posts or changing the topic is... sad.

Comment Re:Archimedes had calculus (Score 1) 153

1. I didn't say Atheism is an organized religion. 2. There have been atheistic governments-- case in point: the USSR. 3. A government isn't one person, it's many. But your same argument that one instance/person doesn't characterize the whole should also be kept in mind when demonizing the Church over certain misdeeds during the middle ages. Over the course of a thousand years every institution will err and often will err greatly. 4. Yes, actually atheism is by definition an overarching ideology. 5. I'm not saying the Church is infallible, nor that it didn't cause some problems during the middle ages. I'm just saying that a) the "dark ages" weren't the result of the Church brutally stamping out all knowledge as some would claim and b) that the "dark ages" were neither metaphorically nor literally dark.

Comment Re:Archimedes had calculus (Score 1) 153

What the church brought was stagnation and illiteracy.

Prove the following:
1. That any such stagnation occurred.
2. That any such stagnation was an intentional goal of the Church at the time.

Anyone caught translating the bible was burned at the stake.

[citation needed]

All knowledge was reduced to religious dogma including the mistaken ideas of the ancients.

1. [citation needed]
2. The knowledge of the ancients was pretty much already steeped in religious dogma.

Preserving the bad ideas of the Greeks may or may not have been a good thing. We might have been better off flushing the whole thing and starting over completely from scratch.

Then why are you accusing the Church of destroying knowledge as though a) it was a thing that happened on purpose and b) like it was a bad thing even though you yourself don't seem to think it was bad?

The real problem was not being able to challenge bogus crap for 1000 years.

I'll remember this next time someone shouts down another for questioning global warming-- or was it "climate change"?

Comment Re:Archimedes had calculus (Score 4, Informative) 153

After the Dark Ages, where the Church basically did their best to wipe out human knowledge and sanitize everything...

I was under the impression that it was rather the opposite. In reality the "dark ages" were neither literally nor figuratively dark. The name was given by Italians who were butthurt about not ruling the world anymore.

It also seems that Christianity (Catholic monks in particular) was responsible for preserving western culture, civilization, and knowledge during the "dark ages" not destroying it.

Even a gutter press site like Cracked seems to disagree with you on this matter.

Contrariwise, there's a lot of evidence that certain modern, "scientific", and atheistic governments have destroyed and censored knowledge (I've linked only a few obvious and famous examples but there are others).

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