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Comment Re:Not just money (Score 1) 337

Please explain why doing well in school can and should be attributed to the student.
Then please explain how "difficulties" in school is anyone else's fault or responsibility but the student's.

If the student has little or no responsibility, indeed, isn't even involved in their scores, then why send children to school?

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 393

Employment trends have been losing full-time jobs, and people have been moving to more and more part time jobs.
Because companies are downsizing and offshoring, and generally not hiring people with skills any more.

I got an idea! Let's tax the businesses more and then give that money to people that don't work. And while we're at it let's raise the minimum wage to an insane level because people who don't pull their own weight should be guaranteed a widescreen TV and fast internet connection just like people that are actually productive.

There. That should fix everything. Oh wait, I forgot about free education. We should add that on, too.


The thing about hard working Mexican immigrants is this: they're the cream of the crop. Lazy people don't uproot, go to a foreign country where they'll be in the minority, and then go find a job and work hard at it.

Working hard is, and should be, highly respected.

But our laws and our borders should also be respected. I have absolutely no problem with someone coming into my house as a guest. But I do lock my front door because I don't want just anybody walking into my house and eating my food without contributing to my household or even so much as a how-do-you-do. Furthermore, while someone is in my house they must respect my property and my customs-- it's my house not theirs.

Brain surgeons, rocket scientists, and hard-working people are respectable. Great. But that doesn't give them a free pass to abuse my home and take advantage of me nor my country.

How would you feel if someone just walked into your home, tracked mud all over your carpet, drank all your beer then demanded that he be allowed to stay without paying rent and also be given a full voice in how the house was to be run?

Illegals come over our border without our permission.
They bring in drugs which ruin the lives of our citizens, some of them are rapists and murderers and continue their habits when they're here.
They use up welfare that our productive citizens worked hard to pay the taxes for-- and the illegal immigrants don't pay into this system, or if some do they don't pay nearly as much as a citizen does.
And then to top it all off they want to continue doing all of the above and they vote in our elections!

If the people that you rightfully laud for their hard work are truly interested in becoming part of the USA family then they should be crying louder than anyone for a chance to pay back-taxes + a fine for the chance to become citizens. Any illegal immigrant that just wants a free pass is doing nothing other than taking advantage of the USA and abusing the system for all its worth.

Comment Re:Models are never evidence (Score 1) 488

I bet they're pretty good evidence when you don't have as big an emotional investment in the outcome.

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

I have two questions that perhaps you could answer for me:
1. What is the difference between a model and a prediction in this case?
2. Is a prediction the same as proof that something will occur?

Comment Re:I can tolerate a really hot hottub (Score 1) 488

If watching your parents makes you peak, and you feel it appropriate to point it into your parents bedroom at that time, you're a lot weirder than I suspected. I would also question what you mean by 'finished' college.

That's an interesting thing to say considering how grammatically maladroit you are.

Comment Re:illogical summary (Score 1) 360

Also not read TFA, who does, but I wonder if this is per man hour or per employee or per $. The reason I ask is all my Japanese friends work CRAZY long hours and have crap leave entitlements.

Maybe it's because they're so inefficient.

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